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[ Pdf Licking the Spoon ↠´ words PDF ] by Candace Walsh ó Walsh has a fast paced and entertaining writing style Her narrative is strong Walsh uses food and diet to anchor her memoir We begin with the food of her grandparents before and after their immigration to the U.
, and continue through the foods of her childhood, the poverty soups of college, and on to the present While I was tempted to try some of the provided recipes on the spot, this is no mere food memoir this is a story of the search for self, and is most interesting for typifying the crooked path so many of us take through life.
Candace s memoir had me Licking the Spoon alongside her, reminding me of watching my own mother bake away sadness by whipping up a batch of her delicious chocolate chip cookies If I was lucky, I would be given a batter coated beater to enjoy raw cookie dough, one of my favorite childhood memories There were many things I could relate to in this book, which had the heartfelt honesty of a zine Food and dinnertime were very important in my childhood family s life together, and remain so in my family s life today I cook on a nightly basis, even when home cooking as I do is frowned upon in the interest of rushing children to this activity or that, or getting to a PTA meeting I could relate to the entwined feelings of obligation and enjoyment related to cooking I could also relate to eating until the plate was clean, but have usually found myself un hungry in times of anxiety or depression Candace beautifully describes growing into life on her terms, and the awakening of her true self in her 30sand how she needed space and time during that process, which meant eating a basic raw foods diet I will admit this book was a page turner for me I really enjoyed it.
When I was in the 3rd grade my teacher used to tell me about how he would force himself to put a book down so he could savor the story for just a few days I think he was trying to tell me to stop with the speed reading already, but at the time I just thought he was crazy so many books, so little time But now, with some adult living under my belt, and some really bad books behind me Hello, Twilight series , I have a little appreciation for what Mr Trujillo was trying to teach meLicking the Spoon definitely deserves savoring At first, I found myself closing the covers after a chapter, setting it aside so I could delay gratification and not power through the whole thing in a few nights, but by chapter 14 I couldn t help myself Sleep, be damned, I had to keep going until I was done.
Candace s story is rich and engaging, and her writing is compelling, fun, and entertaining Candace gives context to her struggles, is appropriate in her levity where needed, and creates a story and characters that are relatable and interesting without being irritating Where some authors might run the risk of singing the woes of the First World Problems Memoirists Club, Candace tells the universal stories of love, heartbreak, family, and finding one s place in the world.
WARNING MBU to book lovers who handle their reads like fine china I have my own litmus test for literature and it s brutal When I fall in love with a book, I commit I am faithful and hands on Spines will crack as I bend them to my will and pages will wish they had a slicker to shield them from beverages and shower splashes Yes, shudder I take my loves into the shower with me In the end, a well loved book will show the wear and tear of my frenzied consumption Licking the Spoon was no less spared I DEVOURED this book To say that this book stirred up cravings should go without saying It made me hungry for foods I ve never tried, people I ve never met, and experiences I may never have But it also felt familiar Maybe not everyone could identify but Candace s life path mirrored my own in so many ways that I felt a part of the family That could be a result of knowing Candace in person and as a part of on online community but if so, I think only slightly Candace had me at page two of the prologue when she refused to allow a prospective husband to interrupt her craft with his presence I, too, prefer to cook alone I also identified with Charlie and his MacGyver skills in the mess hall I longed to be her travel companion, wished for her moxy, and admired her brave exploration of self Another litmus test I have is whether I feel disappointed in the end and I did I wanted My son, who hopes to be a chef when he grows up, offered to cook a birthday dinner of my choosing Grandmother Marie s chicken fricassee is on the menu Two critiques Don t read this if you are on a diet also a revision is in order to include pictures of relatives, foods, and places visited Descriptions were so spot on you really wouldn t need them but it would be icing on the book, I mean cake.
This is a story about being human It s about the complex ties of family, about the sometimes cruel world of childhood and the demons that haunt the people you love the most It s about doing all those things you re supposed to do once you finally escape the bubble of home the alcohol, the drugs, and the exhausting career building in New York City in your 20s, struggling to find a worthy partner who won t repeat the faults in your heritage It s about trying to love and be loved and finding places where you finally feel right And yes, eventually, it s about leaving a marriage for another marriage with someone from another gender But the reason it s not all about this is because this isn t a book about issues it s a book about a person And we are all so much than just one thing or one act or even one sexuality.
And it s about food.
I must admit that I was predisposed to like this book from the start, as I am already obsessed with the pathos of food the familial and historical ties to it, the very much religious traditions and rituals of it, the deep joy and comfort it can bring, along with the hurt that comes with criticism of the food you ve worked hard on or that you care about, however irrationally And then there s our own conflicting relationships with it eating disorders are in here, too.
Beyond the feelings originating in my stomach, I also loved the culinary threads throughout this book from a reader s perspective While I found Walsh s personal dramas compelling and well told, her prose undoubtedly shines the brightest whenever she s describing food, whether it s in the act of cooking of it, the pure admiration of it, or the actual eating of it These are the moments that flow the easiest, while also being filled with the most tantalizing and lush details While many of the dishes she describes are beyond my own rudimentary cooking skills and very un foodie knowledge, I still loved reading every bit of it, believing that I could make these things if I tried yeah, I probably can t , as I could practically already taste them from the page The simpler, basic meals or items that I actually have consumed also suddenly seemed equally rich and precious, things to be worshipped, from cake to risotto to Thanksgiving dinner She even makes the pure poverty pea soup that she eats daily at the height of her college bare bones days sound remarkably delicious at her hand Full review at AfterEllen here

Disclaimer I wanted to like this book And there were parts of it that I did, and because it s a foodoir, I m trying to give those parts credit than the parts where she is an unsympathetic and kind of terrible person, which is why this is a three star rating instead of a two But that was difficult.
The descriptions of food and meals are, in general, very charming It s a tasty book, always enjoyable with food She s a little too fond of cliches for her own good, but if you can overlook that, the food bits are enjoyable Everything else thoughI don t feel a shred of sympathy for the author None She writes like a sociopath, devoid of normal human emotions or sympathy for anyone Once she talked about losing her life as she expected it to unfold and that s why she was so sad about September 11th Not the loss of life, nor the terror of Americans in general and New Yorkers in particular, but because she didn t get her way Seriously There were several similarly offensive revelations, which is what brought me to dislike it so much.
In her memoir, Licking the Spoon, Candace Walsh has offered us an unflinching account of growing up and past a tumultuous childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood And it is quite a ride Ms Walsh s writing is conversational and intriguing without ever becoming confessional Many people have said they couldn t put the book down, but there were times I had to stop and take a break because I found the train wreck moments in her life, particularly her childhood, overwhelming, even as she demonstrated restraint from presenting them as intentionally sensational or shocking How refreshing it is to see someone write without overtly striving for emotional manipulation, stealing our hearts without resorting to conventional sentimentality What a rare find, a writer so the gifted that she can allow us to follow her in total specificity, detailing her ownership of every event and its repercussions, never wavering to spare or generalize, and in so doing, creating an experience at once personal and universal What Ms Walsh offers in her memoir is an opportunity to watch an intelligent and sensitive child grow past the deficiencies of her origins and choose to ultimately become a luminous woman, mother, wife, journalist, magazine editor, and author, and to live a life that makes her happy without compromise, outside validation, or apologies What an inspiration What a joy.
The second I downloaded Licking the Spoon to my iPad s Kindle application, I started reading, only intending to peruse the first chapter One chapter soon turned into ten.
Damn, with an Emeril Lagasse BAM, Candace Walsh can write I read A LOT of memoirs and hers rose right to the top, like cream Honestly, there have been a few reads I ve wanted to throw across the room really unadvisable when your book is an iPad Licking the Spoon, though, was different from all of the eye rolling reads Candace s story drew me in, the chapters ranging from being very poignant to heartbreaking to funny honest on every level Her prose was so poetic, her descriptions savory morsels of goodness.
I finally had to put Licking the Spoon down because it was dinnertime Not only was I hungry after reading her beautiful words, so was my family I have since renamed Candace s book Licking the Page I inhaled this delicious memoir in two sittings.
LTS, was my vacation read, but before that, it was my car read By that I mean the book I keep in the car for when I have to wait Each bit sized section was a morsel to savor and contemplate Journeying with Candace through her youth, her genealogical search , her at the apron strings remembrances was perfect fodder for my parent brain as I sat waiting for my daughter s school to let out for the day It was all I could do not to finish it during the week up to my vacation.
Thankful,I resisted the urge to rip through it Like waiting for dessert, the second half of the book was a decadent treat worth the restraint The tales of her wild and high life as a magazine editor in New York, her adventures in mommyland, the rough road of marriage and then an unexpected turn at the close made this a wonderful read Every stop on her personal journey had a sensual food to complement it It was like a cross country road trip but instead of fights with your co pilot and greasy spoons the reader gets heartfelt revelation and gourmet picnics of cheese and wine read this book while waiting, while on vacation, or while struggling with your own journey However your reading time unfolds, just read LTS It is a great read.
Recipes And Cookbooks, Meals And Mouthfuls Have Framed The Way Candace Walsh Sees The World For As Long As She Can Remember, From Her Frosting Spackled Childhood To Her Meat Eschewing College Years To Her Post College Phase As A Devoted Martha Stewart S Entertaining Disciple In Licking The Spoon, Walsh Tells How, Lacking Role Models In Her Early Life, She Turned To Cookbook Authors Real And Fictitious Betty Crocker, Martha Stewart, Mollie Katzen, Daniel Boulud, And To Learn, Unlearn, And Redefine Her Own Womanhood Through The Lens Of Food, Walsh Recounts Her Life S Journey From Unhappy Adolescent To Straight Identified Wife And Mother To Divorcee In A Same Sex Relationship And She Throws In Some Dishy Revelations, A Ha Moments, Take Home Tidbits, And Mouth Watering Recipes For Good Measure A Surprising And Rambunctiously Liberating Tale Of Cooking And Eating, Loving And Being Loved, Licking the Spoon Is The Story Of How Accompanied By Pivotal Recipes, Cookbooks, Culinary Movements, And Guides One Woman Learned That You Can Not Only Recover But Blossom After A Comically Horrible Childhood If You Just Have The Right Recipes, A Little Luck, And An Appetite For Life S Next Meal