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[Barbara Cooney] ì Island Boy (Picture Puffins) [indian-literature PDF] Read Online ✓ This is a realistic story that reads like a family history from many years ago The Maine setting gives us a glimpse of a bygone era and the illustrations are gorgeous While the story is not destined to be as cherished as other books by Barbara Cooney like Miss Rumphius , it was certainly a worthwhile read We enjoyed reading this book together.
The story is fairly predictable Nothing struck me as very distinctive but kids would probably take note of 12 siblings sharing one bedroom, raising a seagull, maybe the homeschooling, but probably not since that s become fairly common.
There aren t any author notes I d like to know if this is based on the lives of the author s family or someone she knew, or maybe a combination of several local families.
There s a carefully drawn map with lots of detail that shows numerous islands but it would have helped to include a map of Maine and then box the area that is shown in detail.
A delightfully quaint story that spans several generations of family life on an island Be prepared for a possible sniffle at the end.
It is a beautiful and full narrative so the reading of this book will take longer than most picture books.
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45 months Wonderfully illustrated in Cooney s American folk art style We enjoyed the story and wondered if she was influenced or was giving a nod to the Little House books It seems curious that the family had a pair of oxen named Star and Bright, the same names a young Almanzo gave his oxen in Farmer Boy They were the only animals named Also the home schooling by the Mother and use of slates by the children Maybe we are just too into the series at the moment One odd thing about that illustration, they lived on the island as a family with six children, with no mention of other inhabitants and yet there were 12 children being schooled Odd The biggest problem I had was the abrupt ending I felt bad for the mom and young Mathias left to fend for themselves.
I liked the story, and the illustrations were great as always However I thought it ended a bit abruptly, and it wasn t as good as I had expected coming from the same author as Miss Rumphius.

This book feels like a novel shortened down to a picture book The characters are intriguing, the illustrations remind me of Grandma Moses work and the world it s set in is one I d like to visit But the book is like broth, it s pleasant but it leaves you wanting There are several instances that feel like they could have been developed into books of their own I can t imagine children enjoying it, but I ve been wrong before.
Excellent story with good morals Loved the large family theme The illustrations were absolutely beautiful Matthais, the youngest of 12 children, loves Tibbetts Island where he grows up Although he dreams of adventures in traveling and even works on a schooner when he gets older, he eventually returns to the island He brings back a schoolteacher, whom he marries and they have children This story is mainly about generations that live on Tibbetts Island and the ties between them It also describes the daily chores of living in this seacoast town, which is most likely in Maine.
Barbara Cooney is one of my favorite book illustrators, and this story has her charming pictures.
Here is a link to a lesson plan involving using the map in the back of the book Always one of my favorite picture books as a child, it still holds a special place in my heart Beautiful pictures, a sweet story, whimsical and heartbreaking and perfect I especially love the descriptions of the farm and the big family and the pillow fights Kellyn Roth, Reveries Reviews The Acclaimed Author Of Miss Rumphius Recounts The Lives Of Four Generations Living On A New England Coastal Island And The Importance Of Family TiesThe Youngest And Quietest Of Children, Matthias Grew Closest To Tibbets Island, Learning Its Secrets Through The Years And Though In Later Years He Sailed To Faraway Places, He Always Returned To The Island He Loved Island Boy Is Certain To Be A Favorite For Family Sharing, As Well As A Must For School And Public Libraries Teachers Will Love It Buy Extra Copies School Library Journal As Encompassing As The Portrait Of A Life Depicted In The Award Winning Miss Rumphius, Cooney S Latest Work Is An Ode To Simple Acts Of Daily Living Publishers Weekly