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Hardcover  ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠

❰EPUB❯ ✰ You Author Charles Benoit – Cinemedia.pro This wasn’t the way it was supposed to goYou’re just a typical fifteen year old sopho an average guy named Kyle Chase This can’t be happening to you But then how do you explain all the blood? HoThis wasn’t the way it was supposed to goYou’re just a typical fifteen year old sopho an average guy named Kyle Chase This can’t be happening to you But then how do yo.

You ePUBU explain all the blood? How do you explain how you got here in the first place?There had to have been signs had to have been some clues it was coming Did you miss them or i.

U explain all the blood? How do you explain how you got here in the first place?There had to have been signs had to have been some clues it was coming Did you miss them or i.

Hardcover  ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠

Hardcover ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠ When he's not traveling around the globe in the search of exotic tax deductible settings for his mysteries Charles Benoit spends his days pumping out subliminal laced advertising Nominated for an Edgar and a Barry Relative Danger won the Franklin award and was the darling of fans and critics alike Out of Order 2006 is set in modern India while Noble Lies September 2007 takes place in Thai

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  1. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    Hardcover ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠ You ePUBWhat a lucky Goodreads Giveaway win I would have never picked up this book on my own and it ended up exceeding all my expectations The novel is addictive from the very first lines You are surprised at all the bloodHe looks over at you eyes wide mouth dropping open his face almost as white as his shirtHe's surprised too There is not a lot of broken glass though just some tiny slivers around his feet and one big piece busted into sharp peaks like a spiking line graphs the blood washing down it like rain on a windshieldHe doesn't say anything clever or funny doesn't quote Shakespeare just screams But no one can hear him and it would be too late if they couldYou are thi

  2. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Hardcover ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠ You ePUBReviewed by Karin Librarian for TeensReadToocomKyle is a hoodie One of those kids that sits in the back of the class tries not to be noticed doesn't do his homework only because he doesn't see the point and dresses in the same uniform every day black jeans black shirt black hoodieYou can find hoodies in every school even though they might be called something else slackers freaks stoners Whenever you see them walking down the hall or through the mall you don't know exactly what to expect you just know it won't be goodYOU by Charles Benoit provides a glimpse into the mind of Kyle By writ

  3. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Hardcover ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠ You ePUB15 read this a few years back and hated it

  4. Eva Leger Eva Leger says:

    Hardcover ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠ You ePUBAm I missing something? Can someone please tell me what it is? Why is the front cover of this ARC covered with wonderful blurbs? Why is the back cover the same? Why are there three and a half pages inside three of them filled to the brim with wonderful blurbs? Someone tell me because I'm not seeing it I rated this two stars because I did finish it although that's not a huge feat considering I did this in one evening only picking up the book three times If I started listing all the other things I did in between I'd be here for hours so I won't Let's just say it's super fast And who wants to know the reason for that? YOU?? Oh good Becau

  5. Etienne Etienne says:

    Hardcover ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠ You ePUBCasual teenagers story mixed with some «thriller» elements The casual life part was good enough the characters and the school life settings were believable and well done in my opinion Unfortunately the thrilling part fell a bit short It felts force by time the conclusion of it all wasn't satisfying and the big «drama» the beginning promise just didn't deliver An okay read but just nothing extraordinary it should have stay simple and focus on the teens life and it probably would have been better

  6. K K says:

    Hardcover ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠ You ePUBYou open a book and it hits you in the face with broken glass blood and screaming You haven’t met anyone yet and so don’t know who the other players are You’re confused You’re anxious You might even be angry You decide to just go with it You are Kyle a high school sopho and hapless and angry loner He made some bad decisions and is now resigned to a path in life that he can’t find a way off of His father is a disembodied voice shouting at the TV his mother is the Muppet Babies Nanny who constantly nags about school clothes and responsibility There’s a Girl a New Kid and Bad Decisions or is it just unavoidable fate? leading up to the desperate scene that opens the bookKyle is equal parts uncomplicated and unfinished But he’s you so what do you need? Ashley is a pretty incidental character of a symbol which I initially didn’t like but eventually appreciated Zack however is a fascinating YA

  7. Patty Patty says:

    Hardcover ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠ You ePUBYouByCharles BenoitKyle Chase is a loserin his own mind He has dropped outhe has made poor choices he doesn’t care he doesn’t like the way his parents treat him he doesn’t respect his teachers he doesn’t really even like his friends He knows if he had made other choices he wo

  8. Reading Teen Reading Teen says:

    Hardcover ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠ You ePUBWhen I first started reading this book I really liked itSince Charles Benoit wrote YOU in 2nd person it was like nothing I've read beforeI absolutely loved itI would love to find books that are written like thisIt started out great and I started getting so excited because I thought I found an amazing bookI read a lot of reviews with people saying that it was stunningBut about half way through the book I starting thinkingAlright so where exactly is this story going?I felt like the story was just kind of PointlessAnd I know its just a novel and it can be pointless if it wants to beBut I felt like this book absolutely accomplished nothingNothing happenedThe entire book it was just 15 year old Kyle Chase flirting with this girl he likessneaking beer to the park with his friends complaining about his mom and trying to get a jobOkaySo pretty much every single high schooler's lifeMan doesn't that sound inter

  9. Jazmen Jazmen says:

    Hardcover ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠ You ePUBYou? No like why me? This is what I get for getting caught up in a synopsis that made the book sound so intriguing I couldn't pass it up Well to sum the story up the book is told from a second person point of view which does indeed make it unique but in essence it was an unique way to tell a less than lackluster story It continued to go round and round and led to nothing I was disappointed at the end than I was by the story itself The main character Kyle he's going through some kind of mid teen crisis and he's all screwed up He has a crush on a girl he never gets the courage to tell has bad grades and parent's who both love and can't stand him Typical teen life unique way to tell the story That's about as good as it gets Benoit gets an e for effort I just wouldn't bother

  10. Vicki Willis Vicki Willis says:

    Hardcover ¸ You PDF/EPUB ↠ You ePUBI received this one from audio sync so the target audience was teenagers The main character was a 15 year old boy who was trying to find his place while starting high school It was believable and interesting especially being 2nd person narrative The ending came abruptly and was a bit shocking The book was short and I do think teenagers would find this interesting

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