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[ Pdf Turn Here Sweet Corn: Organic Farming Works Õ gastronomy PDF ] by Atina Diffley à When The Hail Starts To Fall, Atina Diffley Doesn T Compare It To Golf Balls She S A Farmer It S As Big As A B Size Potato As Her Bombarded Land Turns White, She And Her Husband Martin Huddle Under A Blanket And Reminisce The One Hundred Mile Per Hour Winds The Eleven Inch Rainfall That Broccoli Turned Out Gorgeous The Hail Disaster Of The Romance Of Farming Washed Away A Long Time Ago, But The Love Never In Telling Her Story Of Working The Land, Coaxing Good Food From The Fertile Soil, Atina Diffley Reminds Us Of An Ultimate Truth We Live In Relationships With The Earth, Plants And Animals, Families And CommunitiesA Memoir Of Making These Essential Relationships Work In The Face Of Challenges As Natural As Weather And As Unnatural As Corporate Politics, Her Book Is A Firsthand History Of Getting In At The Ground Level Of Organic Farming One Of The First Certified Organic Produce Farms In The Midwest, The Diffleys Gardens Of Eagan Helped To Usher In A New Kind Of Green Revolution In The Heart Of America S Farmland, Supplying Their Roadside Stand And A Growing Number Of Local Food Co Ops This Is A Story Of A World Transformed And Reclaimed One Square Acre At A TimeAnd Yet, After Surviving Punishing Storms And The Devastating Loss Of Fifth Generation Diffley Family Land To Suburban Development, The Diffleys Faced The Ultimate Challenge The Threat Of Eminent Domain For A Crude Oil Pipeline Proposed By One Of The Largest Privately Owned Companies In The World, Notorious Polluters Koch Industries As Atina Diffley Tells Her David Versus Goliath Tale, She Gives Readers Everything From Expert Instruction In Organic Farming To An Entrepreneur S Manual On How To Grow A Business To A Legal Thriller About Battling Corporate Arrogance To A Love Story About A Single Mother Falling For A Good, Big Hearted Man Beautifully written and warmly detailed, Atina Diffley s memoir of her family s life on an organic farm is surprisingly gripping, swooningly sensual, and touches the heart in its deepest recesses All that and hail, coyotes, beneficial pests, hairy vetch, and an inspiring depiction of what a determined woman backed by a community of organic eaters, food co ops and neighbors can do to keep one of the world s largest corporations from building an oil pipeline across the farm.
You ll want to do the Corn Dance yourself, or at least, have an ear or six of sweet organic corn when you ve finished this book.
5 Deliciously lyrical.
Author Diffley isn t just an author or an organic farmer she certainly isn t just a community wired advocate for farmer s rights and she sure isn t just a grandma she s all of these things and a whole bushel full I think perhaps the best way to describe Turn Here Sweet Corn is to consider it in terms of a wind a wind with all the power to knock you over and, at the same time, caress you with warmth Everyone should experience this book the writing will blow you away Atina, changed her name after caring for an amazing woman who played a crucial role in the force that s Atina Diffley Though now past away, Atina learned from her aged companion how to find strength in even the toughest times Author Diffley struggled through a difficult marriage but evolved into a loving partnership with one of the first people to actually see her Martin Diffley Through their relationship with not only the land, but all that it can provide, they created a world around a single belief grow it and they will come Welcome to Garden s of Eagan Like all gardens there are weeds weeds with clever roots that can take over in a single season But if you create a plan and embrace the weeds, anything is possible Everything Turn Here Sweet Corn is not just a memoir, it s a thriller, it s a romance and boy is it packed with mystery And near the end which is really the beginning there s a twist that will give you something we all yearn for hope In the morning, when I awake, my first thought is You can soar Always remember this One of the many messages woven throughout Turn Here Sweet Corn is that organic farming is work Endless, exhausting, consuming, work Yet as each season brings new challenges and endless headaches not to mention threats of hail, bulldozers and a possible pipeline, Diffley faces them all with a courage that will surprise you It s her core belief that in the end, after all the crops are in and the harvest is done, it s the land that should always have the final say Someday our businesses and enterprises will cease to exist They do not need to live eternally But the land does The land and nature are forever It s a rare combination when an author sets out to share her life through words that the words themselves become something else all together When a story like this becomes a force that can carry you away, you know you ve discovered something important And then there s kale Whenever things got a little whacky and Diffley felt her world was coming undone, and it did many times she went to the fields filled with kale and found the energy to move ahead She s discovered a new place to grow her truth, a new earth to care for and you re invited Turn Here Sweet Corn will whisk you away in a wind you ll never forget.
This was a gift from my sister in MN and I began it with some trepidation knowing that the world of organics can often not got so well.
But I felt in great company being an organic gardener and greenie for most of my adult life.
Much like most tales, there were some harrowing times and some great triumphs Both for her personally, her family and the lives of the farm and natural world that sustained them and others What I loved most about the book was talk of the natural world itself and her connection with it.
It is one of my great loves as well.
This was great Probably part of the reason I liked it so much was that it takes place in my backyard I shop at some of the places Diffley mentions and I remember the recent history But it was very informative about what it takes to run an organic farm hard, hard work, and not just physically, it takes a lot of thought, planning, and knowledge I appreciate organic produce a lot now Funny that Koch Industries figures in this story, since they re so much in the political news these days And I couldn t believe how much I started craving kale and corn on the cob while reading Hurry up, harvest.
Too bad there aren t stars since five are not enough to express how much I like this book This is a book that I recommend everyone read It s not just about an organic farmer It is a well crafted piece of writing that draws the reader in keeps your interest through every page What a story for every woman to know about, a strong woman as farmer The author s prose is enchanting The stories woven in the chapters keep you, not just entertained but, enthralled.
If you want to read an amazing story with an amazing and compelling message read this It juxtaposes conventional agriculture with organic and exposes just how ridiculously wrong our current food system is The great thing is, there is no preaching, just recounting a farming history and it becomes obvious I love the reverence this author has for food and how it grows.
This was the perfect companion to this spring s catastrophic fire on our farm It was written for me to love.
This is a beautiful work of art I feel the same love of the earth from the writer as when I have read Barbara Kingsolver or Joan Goodall I read this book as slow as I could although the line of people wanting to borrow my book was getting very long.