Download Epub Format Þ The Year of Eating Dangerously: A Global Adventure in Search of Culinary Extremes PDF by Í Tom Parker Bowles

Download Epub Format Þ The Year of Eating Dangerously: A Global Adventure in Search of Culinary Extremes PDF by Í Tom Parker Bowles I read the first chapter of Tom Parker Bowles The Year of Eating Dangerously, thenI gave it up I hardly ever give up books but I do wonder if TPB hadn t been the son of Camilla Parker Bowles who is now married to the future King of England he would he even have got it published The first chapter was all about fishing for elvers on the Severn Bore a river with a huge tidal wave and in 40 pages never came to a climax but introduced large numbers of people by name he met in the pub, on the river, around a campfire, in some other place or perhaps another one or maybe on a motorbike and it just ended No climax at all Just ok, there you are Next chapter Yawn.
Tom Parker Bowles is the son of Camilla, wife of Prince Charles that caught my attention, or at least secured it, after the title and cover photo caught it I thought, hey, why not read a little about their world, while reading about exotic gross foods and it sounded funny.
some parts of this book were hilarious, the sort of thing I had to stop reading at night when my husband was sleeping, because my snorts of laughter would wake him up the chili pepper chapter was probably most laugh out loud worthy Other chapters were a little odd, though not necessarily boring, but not what I think of when I hear of eating dangerously The chapter on elvers was interesting in general I learned quite a bit from the book He clearly researched his topics well But I didn t think it was the sort of subject I d pick to lead off a book on eating dangerously Same with the Sicily Mafia chapter he ended with they just felt random, or strained Some reviews talk about the author negatively They say how he s always boasting and obnoxious Here s my thought though if he really was that arrogant, as he represents himself in many stories, as a bragging windbag, would he really TELL us he was one I had the feeling that he has a self deprecating British sense of humor, and is poking fun at himself, same as when he refers to his growing midsection from all the eating and his sissiness first time I ever heard the word toff He likes to poke fun at himself Which is not to say I could totally relate to the author stories about spending parts of every year in Spain, and on Italian islands, are not something I can imagine at all His home life seems quiet and unassuming enough his mom cooking simple wholesome British foods for them, for instance But, when throughout the book he travels freely, stays at nice hotels, eats at nice expensive restaurants, and recollects experiences of the past, it may be a window into another world, but it s not exactly one I to which I relate well Also, the chapter on Korea was had some of the grossest and most disturbing things I ve ever read I find the practice, not of eating dog, but of HOW they prepare and eat dog, absolutely horrific that section made me ill and how a man who talks extensively about humane and wholesome methods of raising poultry and livestock for our consumption could partake of something that is so INHUMANELY treated from beginning to end, just confused me and kind of irritated me I am glad his food smelled of wet dog and made him sick to his stomach Gross On the other hand, some of the food scenes made my mouth water I came away wanting Thai Lao Chinese food, and BBQ Clearly, the author loves food, and it shows if he didn t also love alcohol so much, the book might have been better hearing the same scenario repeated over and over again I drank too much the night before an excursion for my book, and I felt too sick to really appreciate what I was researching to write about got annoying I felt that he didn t really value respect the project he was doing, to have so little control, and be so ill prepared to experience the exact things he was writing about and that made me as the reader feel a little undervalued too Sorry to have gotten in the way of your heavy drinking with this book research, Tom Overall, though, the book was fun lightweight interesting in most spots I might not want to sit down and have a meal with the author, but I found him pleasantly upper class British in his behavior and mindset in looks, a weak resemblance to James McAvoy, perhaps and in writing, a week resemblance to Bill Bryson, including the heavy research, self deprecating humor, and love of England and the USA so perhaps not a strong effort, but mostly not an unpleasant one, either And in a telling moment, my brother saw the book sitting around and asked if he could read it, on the strength of the cover and book description excerpt and my mom wants it next and then a good friend SO, it certainly seems to be an appealing book I hope they enjoy it too.
This guy is a pompous windbag I skipped major sections of this book due to boredom This book could have been really interesting He went to nine different areas around the world and ate the local food I usually enjoy reading about what other countries think about their food and how they respond to their various cuisines This guy inserted his huge ego into everything and made the book impossible to enjoy.
Entertaining, interesting, and thought provoking in some areas, a little shallow in others.
Tom Parker Bowles spent a year traveling the world eating strange, weird, and sometimes potentially fatal foods.
Recommended for anyone interested in food and food history, but not much there for the general reader.
It was with a sense of profound relief that I finally set down Tom Parker Bowles yes, son of Camilla book I d started reading this book some three months ago but it took me three tries to finish it, aggravated as I was by Parker Bowles exaggerated style of writing and blustering bravado The main problem with Parker Bowles is that he tries too hard Some writers are effortlessly amusing but what the WSJ describes as self deprecating humour is really Parker Bowles compulsive need to turn every incident, every encounter into a comedy of errors It could be entertaining for the reader if you couldn t spot him setting up the punchline a mile away Besides, some things like his compulsive overeating and the after effects of it just get old after time.
The best chapters in the book are probably New Mexico which covers his trip to the Fiery Foods Show and Nashville, which covers Parker Bowles experience with que and Prince s Hot Chicken Shack The primary reason is that these two chapters actually spend time talking about the food, than about Parker Bowles inner musings and hangups The most painful chapters to read were those on Tokyo, Korea and Laos where Parker Bowles makes an attempt at inserting some personal commentary impressions of these Asian countries Less thoughtful and insightful try Pico Iyer or any number of other travel writers if you re looking for these than bumptious and ignorant, in these chapters, Parker Bowles merely comes across as the stereotypical ang moh, gai jin, or whatever the local slightly disdainful term for foreigner is.
Parker Bowles reminds me of another British writer I find quite funny Tim Moore if you don t care for Tim, you won t much appreciate Tom s sense of humor.
As for the book itself, Mr P B started off on the wrong foot with elver fishing in England might ve worked later in the book, but left me with a what s going on here feeling The danger element had to do with its taking place largely at night, along with the stories of violence towards poachers After that he moves on to New Mexico and Nashville chilies and BBQ , though the biggest danger with the latter seemed to be keeping his food down after over sampling in his contest judging stint Our Hero does manage keep down the dog in Korea, though the going was tougher than he d initially thought Obviously he lives to tell of fugu sushi in Japan twice , as well as sampling stinky tofu in China.
The Laos entry comes closest to actual travel writing, though he has a couple of sessions with insects along the way Spain, perhaps, comes closest to actual danger the fugu notwithstanding , joining a group of local mollusk gatherers on offshore rocks with crashing waves.
Sicily, like China, proved an excuse to eat A very thin one, IMHO, as The Mafia isn t really a huge problem for your average tourist, but makes a handy premise I confess to a severe aversion to anything mafia related, so skimmed the chapter for food references, and came away not feeling I d missed much.
Serious foodies might likely look down on his antics, and those looking for travel narrative might find the book lacking with its focus on eating For my part, Parker Bowles achieved what he set out to do I d read another series of adventures.
Tired Of The Bland, Processed Pap Served Up In Supermarkets And Identikit Restaurants Across The UK, Food Writer Tom Parker Bowles Embarks On A Picaresque Global Odyssey In Search Of Culinary ExtremesThe First To Admit He Has A Timid Tummy, Tom Eschews The Michelin Starred Restaurants He S Grown Accustomed To And Seeks Out The Most Authentic Regional Foods He Can Find Full Of Trepidation, He Puts His Prejudices Behind Him And Samples Seahorse Satay And Millipede Skewers In China, Indulges In Stomach Popping Competitive Eating In The States, And Tentatively Consumes The World S Most Poisonous Fish In JapanBrilliantly Written And Often Laugh Out Loud Funny, This Is An Eye Opening Adventure In The Company Of A Man Who May Not Be Brave, But Is Certainly Curious Tom S Visceral Account Of His Journey Will Make Your Mouth Water Most Of The Time i like food writing i like stories of extreme cuisines so naturally, i thought i d like this.
oh no i lasted about a chapter and a half before i gave up tom parker bowles comes across as so pompous and egotistical that i can practically see the smugness dripping off the page he wasn t yet the stepchild of royalty when he wrote this, but he sure seems to think he is to add insult to injury, this wasn t even a well written exercise in ego feeding writing about yourself is inherently selfish, but so many people manage to do it in a way that doesn t make them come across like an irredeemable asshole the subject matter has the potential to be really good, but tom parker bowles tone just completely ruins it i m going back to anthony bourdain for my extreme cuisine fix.
let me break this book down for you, even though i only read 3 chapters look at me i have friends all over the world and i am their guest of honor let me tell you about all this crazy stuff i plan to eat oh my gosh it smells looks terrible, ewww gross i miss home and all the normal food i m used to, waaah, i want to order mcdonald s oh good for me, i took a tiny bite of this gross foreign food, on to the next city seriously, that s how each chapter went, so i stopped reading.
Shrug This wasn t as interesting as I had hoped The author travels to destinations near and far England, New Mexico, Sicily, Korea, etc and eats dangerously, with different meanings sometimes dangerous means weird dog in Korea , harmful to one s health extremely spicy in New Mexico , dangerous to source small crustaceans in Spain , etc Throughout, however, Bowles isn t all that likeable, I found, and is a bit self absorbed It had moments of being very entertaining, but mostly I was just happy to have it done.