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[ Pdf The I Hate to Cook Book É funnies PDF ] by Peg Bracken à Do you HATE to cook Would you rather do almost anything else, like paint the garage or weed the lawn Do you resent having to slave over a hot stove night after night after night Whatever happened to women s lib, anyway Okay, maybe in the 21st century, women don t always have to cook But in 1960 the burden of housework still fell on women s shoulders for the most part and Peg Bracken was fed up with it Why would she want to waste hours on some gourmet meal her family wasn t going to appreciate in any case when she d rather spend time in bed with a dry martini Collected in this book that was a best seller in its day and continues to draw the disinterested or untalented cook are bunches of shortcuts, cheats, tips and tricks to get you out of the kitchen and on the sofa The meals were tested exhaustively by Peg and her friends, held up remarkably well with the years and cost very little From what to do with those pesky leftovers to what to do with those snooty other cookbooks, Peg had an answer and a remedy The book is laced with comical drawings, amusing asides and acerbic commentaries that vividly reflect the no nonsense attitude of its deceased author don t say passed on Peg hated such silly euphemisms This would make an amusing stocking stuffer for the non cook or simply any reader intrigued at what went really on in the kitchen when Dad s back was turned.
I have probably looked briefly at like 2000 cookbooks in my life.
There are like 20 that I have completely read.
This is one of the first cookbooks in my life that I really started using.
It is a great cookbook because 90% of the recipes are so easy yet they are at the same time so good.
With so many cookbooks, at least for me, a lot of the recipes are really not that great.
In this cookbook so many of the recipes are really good.
If I know somebody I like that is getting married this is the wedding gift that I will give to them.
I really think this is the best overall cookbook that I have ever seen.
There Are Two Kinds Of People In This World The Ones Who Don T Cook Out Of And Have NEVER Cooked Out Of The I Hate to Cook Book, And The Other KindThe I HATE TO COOK People Consist Mainly Of Those Who Find Other Things Interesting And Less Fattening, And So They Do It As Seldom As Possible Today There Is An Annual Culinary Olympics, With Hundreds Of Cooks From Many Countries Ardently Competing But We Who Hate To Cook Have Had Our Own Olympics For Years, Seeing Who Can Get Out Of The Kitchen The Fastest And Stay Out The Longest Peg BrackenPhilosopher S Chowder Skinny Meatloaf Fat Man S Shrimp Immediate Fudge Cake These Are Just A Few Of The Beloved Recipes From Peg Bracken S Classic I HATE TO COOK BOOK Written In A Time When Women Were Expected To Have Full, Delicious Meals On The Table For Their Families Every Night, Peg Bracken Offered Women Who Didn T Revel In This Obligation An Alternative Quick, Simple Meals That Took Minimal Effort But Would Still Satisfy Years Later, Times Have Certainly Changed But The Appeal Of The I Hate to Cook Book Hasn T This Book Is For Everyone, Men And Women Alike, Who Wants To Get From Cooking Hour To Cocktail Hour In As Little Time As Possible I used to roll my eyes at the idea of actually reading a cookbook and not just using it as a reference for recipes, but this one is worth reading The author is funny and down to earth Sure, the book is dated in a lot of ways I don t think I can find an ice cube tray where the sections can be removed, and now that there are hair elastics that don t pull, I don t think I could convince my daughter to use a pipe cleaner for her ponytails That s part of the charm, though It s a nice little snapshot of late 50 s early 60 s culture In my mind s eye, I can see Betty Draper sneaking glimpses at this on those occasions when her housekeeper has the day off.
As for the recipes themselves, there are some that I m actual game to try Several call for cooking things in the oven at low heat and could be adapted for modern slow cookers An awful lot of them call for lots of cheese or for cans of soup to be poured over something, and I think I ll pass on most of those Even if I were to never make one of these recipes, though, I m certainly glad I read the book I read the first edition of this cookbook with my son when we discovered my mother s unopened first edition at my father s house We laughed and talked about the recipes and talked about my mother s reputation for cooking that was so bad that my father taught me to cook before I got to Junior High I remember laughing at Peg Bracken s recipe for the perfect martini only very cold Vodka and an olive and thinking that many of the recipes sounded like they would be good The 50th Anniversary Edition is not as steeped in the alcoholic Mad Men traditions of the 1960s but it still contains good advice and good basic recipes This is still a fun book, but it is worth looking for a copy of the first edition.
The I Hate to Cook Book starts off like this Some women, it is said, love to cook.
This book is not for them.
Basically, this book is for me.
The I Hate to Cook Book has tons of great recipes sorted in to simplistic chapters, each focusing on another important aspect of the chore of cooking how to use leftovers, soups, salads, fancy meals for guests, last minute meals, cooking tips etc I loved the recipes in this book, and I actually almost want to get into a kitchen and try some of them out usually I hand cookbooks to my mom and say here, make this pretty please This one will stay on my shelf for well in all honesty, I don t ever intend to part with it I mean, if the way to a man s heart is through his stomach, I d better learn how to make something edible, right riiight.
The only reason I don t give it five stars there aren t any pictures And I really need pictures because I can t cook Still, the recipes are easy enough that I d probably survive just fine As well as any man I might attempt to feed.
I recommend The I Hate to Cook Book for anyone who well, hates to cook but is stuck with the job.
I thought this book was hilarious when I was young I haven t reread it lately but the chocolate sauce recipe holds up.

I don t usually count cookbooks as books I ve read BUT The I Hate to Cook Book begs to be read cover to cover The recipes are true late 50s early 60s monstrosities, but the commentary that accompanies them is delightful Highly enjoyable and let s be real a couple tings in there don t sound that bad.
The Story This cookbook was first published in 1960 You know, before cholesterol was counted and before we knew better than to serve each baked potato with a stick of butter This fiftieth anniversary edition is just as delightful as the first edition, with a Foreward by Jo Bracken, Peg s daughter The book itself witty and funny, and perfect for the a college student who is just learning to cook b newlywed who focused all of his her time on lecture and not enough time on lab c the busy professional who still wants to make yummy food d the burnt out mom who just needs something quick and easy AND yummy The part I enjoyed the most about this book on a personal level was not its versatility, but the fact that a lot of the recipes that my mother passed down to me were in this book They re named differently of course, but they re the same exact thing that I ve been doing my whole life The thing I enjoyed most as a reviewer of this book was that the language, though written in 1960 is just as snarky and valid today as I m sure it was back then The true test of a great book is whether or not it will stand the test of time This one totally does, which is surely why Hachette chose to republish it fifty years later My Favorite Recipe Sweep Steak Not only does is just so happen to be the first one in the book, it just so happens to be the first recipe I ever successfully made on my own So how could it not be my favorite I love that there are 2 ingredients and that it s short simple and that she says, bake it at 300 for three hours or 200 for nine hours, it doesn t really matter My Favorite Line from the Household Hints chapter Or, building to ta truly frenetic climax, Is that precious wool skirt riddled with moth holes Don t despair Darn the holes, then get bright wool and embroider gay flowers over the darns Very Tyrolean As I visualize that moth eaten black and white checked skirt of mine bedizened in this fashion I can see that things are rough in the Tyrol I literally laughed out loud for like five minutes.
Cheque Please Not only are most of these recipes easy, they re easy on the wallet In order to get something delicious, it seems you do not have to buy roasted gorgonzola pine nuts and chopped hazelnuts at the store You can use staples you have in your cupboards and keep down the amount of time and money you spend Brilliant Who I d Buy This Cookbook For instead of listing every demographic in the world, see the list of people I don t think it d be good for It ll be easier.
Who I d Discourage From Buying Vegetarians, hard core health nuts.
Final Verdict This cookbook is genius It s versatile, relevant, easy, cost effective, yummy and entertaining It should be in everyone s kitchen.
I m old enough that I actually have one of her receipes stayabed stew clipped from Women s Day or some such magazine from the early 80 s This book is a time capsule there s no mention of microwaves, I think butter is an ingredient in every dish and she thinks the perfect desert is an Irish coffee She doesn t repeat the old joke, what s the perfect food Irish coffee because it has the 4 food groups, caffeine, sugar, fat and alcohol It s written during the time when kids birthday parties were at home with balloons with their names on them tied to chairs for place markers , families ate dinner at home most nights she lists 30 dinners to make and then says, if the month has 31 days then you can eat out that night and you had people over for dinner There s no receipe for lasagne, but there is for lasagne casserole , because that s from the days when lasagne was exotic The one ingredient she complains about the cost is wild rice But here s the thing the receipes all work for today, they don t cost much and they re classic comfort food I miss Peg Bracken and Erma Bombeck.