☆ The Gastronomy of Marriage: A Memoir of Food and Love ✓ Download by ó Michelle Maisto

☆ The Gastronomy of Marriage: A Memoir of Food and Love ✓ Download by ó Michelle Maisto On Our First Date, Rich Ordered A Chocolate Souffl At The Beginning Of The Meal, Noting An Asterisk On The Menu Warning Diners Of The Wait Involved At The Time, I Imagined He Did It Partly To Impress Me, Which It Did, Though Today I Know Well That He S Simply The Type Of Man Who Knows Better Than To Turn Down A Hot From The Oven Souffl When One Is Offered To Him When Michelle Maisto Meets Rich Like Her, A Closet Writer With A Fierce Love Of books And Good Food Their Single Mindedness At The Table Draws Them Together, And Meals Become A Stage For Their Long Courtship Finally Engaged, They Move In Together, But Sitting Down To Shared Meals Each Night While Working At Careers, Trying To Write, And Falling Into The Routines That Come To Define A Home Soon Feels Like Something Far Different From Their First Dinner TogetherWho Cooks, Who Shops, Who Does The Dishes Rich Craves The Light Fare His Mother Learned To Prepare As A Girl In China, But Michelle Leans Toward The Hearty Dishes Her Father Knew As A Boy In Italy Rich Eats Meat, But Michelle Doesn T His Metabolism Races Through Carbohydrates, Hers Holds To Them Tightly And While Her Idea Of A Quick Meal Is A Fried Egg, His Is To Head To A Restaurant After Rich Takes Additional Work To Pay For Their Wedding, Michelle Offers To Do His Half Of The Cooking Chores Which, Along With The Newness Of Their Living Together, Challenges Her Feelings About The Kitchen And What It Means To Be A Modern WifeAs They Save And Plan For A Wedding, The Nightly Compromises, Small Generosities, And Stubborn Stakings Of Ground That Take Place Around The Dinner Table Offer A Context In Which Maisto Considers What She S Learned From The Marriages Around Her, And What She And Rich Might Create For Themselves I loved this book There are so many statements that I could relate to from the author in her memoir about food and her relationships, both with her future husband and with their families He never wants to talk about what to eat in advance, she laments at one point when trying to decide what to do about dinner pg 101 She is Italian not to mention a vegetarian and he is Chinese and she finds it difficult to wing dinner when combining these two so very different culinary traditions further complicated by the vegetarian thing The elusive family recipe for great Pasta Fagioli I ve been looking for a great recipe for this for a year now is offered up right at the beginning of the book soshe had me at Fagioli other recipes are sprinkled throughout The phrase, These are my marriage dealbreakers p 103 is one that my husband and I have used in our own marriage, although about different criteria And how many times have you opened up your pantry and thought, There s no food here, only ingredients p 100 Probably thousands of times I ve stood in front of my pantry fridge freezer thinking, What do we have What can I make She also captures that feeling you might experience when you suddenly find that you have a block of time to and for yourself She deftly describes how to create what my friend Denise calls that Party for One atmosphere Lie on the couch and watch a television program that the person you live with, but who is not home now, thinks is stupid and goes on to describe how to make a recipe that for her perfectly accompanies this pastime.
Anyone who s ever tried to make a special meal for someone and had it turn out to be just okay will relate to Michelle Maisto Even as she is struggling to define her role in her relationship as a soon to be wife, thinking she should shun the traditional wife chores, she finds that she feels most at home in where else her kitchen.
As do most of us.
I recognize so much of myself in this book Cooking for someone else s palette and stomach, compromise, taking on household duties because my partner makes money Wanting my choices to last and stick, but also knowing that everything is temporary you can renegotiate your roles, time changes all, and not everyone makes it through all the time.
I like the tone, which I may be projecting from my own space But I consider this a very wistful, melancholy goodbye to singlehood She s enthusiastic and in love, but she recognizes the great change that will come with marriage in a way that I thought I did but did not It s an acknowledgement of independence and youth and the trade off for adulthood and its concomitant sacrifices and changes, but new possibilities as well But no one gets to have all the lives, and every choice you make circumscribes you a little bit And choice becomes routine and routine becomes who you are Even knowing that, it s hard to avoid, and maybe it s not worth trying to avoid Choose carefully, think a lot maybe a little less than she does or than I do , and keep the lines of communication open Hope for the best, but do than hope, too.
My parents just left, and I had no dinner plans for the week So I decided to see what would happen if I just let the dinner hour roll around with no plan Here were the results leftovers, eating out, cobbled together soup followed by a trip to the store anyway, dinner at the in laws, dinner at the in laws I shall not try this experiment again I wonder if Dave noticed I very much identify with Maisto s impossible focus on feeding two very different even though compatible people in a way to satisfy them both, and with the seeming obliviousness of a partner who often shoots down ideas but rarely offers actual meal suggestions I guess it s not so bad Her entire book on the topic made me realize that these are the problems to have endless discussions about the overabundance of food and choices, free time to make delicious meals As my mom noted while here, You guys will drive anywhere for food.
I just loved reading this book Great feel for food, family, and making new paths together in marriage Honest and real Yum recipes too Every family has its own unique culture, full of eccentrics, oddballs, and longstanding traditions Maisto tells her personal story of trying to create her own family rituals with her fianc , Rich Maisto is from an Italian family and Rich grew up in a Chinese family The melding of their cuisine preferences is featured in the book along with several recipes But Maisto s memoir was really , for me, about the alchemy of Michelle and Rich s relationship.
I would highly recommend this book for all couples, but particularly for the newly engaged.
This creative nonfiction memoir interweaves several of my favorite themes melding of cuisines, family, career, friends and love and why we choose the people we do to populate our lives Anyone interested in the tale of a Gen Xer writer planning a wedding and both questioning and enjoying the exploration of gender roles in the kitchen and in her personal life, will enjoy this tale of Michelle and her fellow writer fiance, Rich While I m not a great cook by any means, I especially enjoyed her food preparation descriptions For foodies, there are recipes at the end of almost every chapter I loved the vivid descriptions of her neighboorhood bodegas, her favorite dishes, and her relationships with her father and sisters An easy read but a pleasantly artistic and thoughtful one Excellent Cannot tell you how much I loved this book I devoured it pun intended Such a fun, sweet, incredible tale of love, marriage and food Hard to tell if this book rang so true because I am also a recently married, former New Yorker who cooks like crazy with her husband, but this book did remind me that my little life is not all that unique not the most shocking revelation, but it s still uncanny to turn so many pages and be reminded that your story is being lived out in how many other countless, cramped New York apartments.
Different take on getting married, preparing meals but not yet becoming the stereotyped housewife and then also blending two different tastes hers Italian and vegetarian, his Chinese meat eater Some very interesting meals were made In the end it seems if you love someone you will make it work Kept some interesting recipes from the book too that I can t wait to try.
The basic premise of this memoir is that the author tries to use food as a metaphor for her relationship Every night yes, every night they have to decide what to eat he s a Chinese meat eater, she s an Italian vegetarian for dinner This is a process that involves learning about your partner s needs and desires, his moods, and it s a process that involves learning how to compromise The premise is theoretically interesting, but it doesn t really work, because I can t see what the author learned over the course of the year Even in memoirs, there s some kind of character development and growth This woman remains as frustratingly fastidious about food at the end of the book as she did at the beginning And the reader gets shortchanged at the end The narrative is also organized around the increasing build up to the wedding, and then, the book stops about three weeks short of the actual event The reader is kind of left hanging Kind of bizarre and annoying when you consider the book s title The Gastronomy of Marriage.
Maisto clearly worked hard for her Columbia MFA yeah, we hear about that a lot too she writes well, making the book less painless to read than it might have been But to be frank, I think the only reason this one got picked up by Random House is because food memoirs are all the rage at the momentwhat everyone seems to forget is that they need to be interesting as well.
And, finally, this woman is younger than me Why she is writing a memoir I absolutely adore this book I devoured it pun intended and wished I could scrape the bowl for It s a cup of introspection, two cups of mementos and memories, a dash of hopefulness, and a sprinkling of recipes Exactly what I crave in written pages I want to read volume two I want to read about the wedding, the Southern food, and kids running around the kitchen.