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Download Epub Format ¶ The Circus Ship PDF by ✓ Chris Van Dusen The beautiful artwork in this story introduces children to life in the 1800 s Based on an actual shipwreck, this story is a great way to engage in conversation about traveling circus animals, a ferry boat, and even an outhouse This fun read aloud has room for audience interaction as you search for the lost animals and a moral tale about kindness It is official I LOVE this book I have memorized the whole thing Mama will read the first line of a page and I tell her the rest of the page Mama thinks this is so cool I am getting tired of her carrying the book around to show everyone that I have memorized the book I am not a trick pony What a great thing to have little buddies who like to read stories with their family too Right now, this is one of my buddy s favorite books He gave me a copy for the holidays It is filled with fun illustrations that are colorful and capture my attention I like to pull the book up close on my lap and look at the pictures and ask mama and papa questions about them I also ask what part of the story my friend likes It makes for a lot of fun conversation and allows me to broaden my perspective as I think about what someone might have experienced with a story.
With Stunning Artwork And A Rhyming Text, The Illustrator Of The Mercy Watson books Tells A Tale Of Human Animal Connection Full Of Humor And HeartWhen A Circus Ship Runs Aground Off The Coast Of Maine, The Poor Animals Are Left On Their Own To Swim The Chilly Waters Staggering Onto A Nearby Island, They Soon Win Over The Wary Townspeople With Their Kind, Courageous Ways So Well Do The Critters Blend In That When The Greedy Circus Owner Returns To Claim Them, Villagers Of All Species Conspire To Outsmart The Bloated Blowhard With Buoyant Rhymes And Brilliantly Caricatured Illustrations Evoking The Early Nineteenth Century, Chris Van Dusen Presents A Hugely Entertaining Tale About The Bonds Of Community And A Rare Hidden Pictures Spread For Eagle Eyed Readers Of All Ages Fun art, good story My kids loved looking for the animals and picking out the rhymes They have even gone back to it several times to count the animals One of my favorite read alouds for school visits Kids love this book.
This was the third children s book I read today to be sure I d chosen good books for gifts for children While not quite as good as the other two I rounded up from 4.
5stars , it is still a beautiful book It seems there really was a circus ship in the late 1800 s that broke up during a storm off the coast of Maine and at least one animal made it to a nearby island This story expands on that story, having many animals make it to an island, where, after a bit of a rough start, bond with the residents who hide the animals when the circus owner comes to find them The illustrations are nice and very colorful, and the story is heart touching I think I need to read children s books or at least those that show people being kind I read this one to my superb little friends, Brielle and Zach This book is so fun I loved the illustrations and the rhyme scheme is perfect.
When a circus ship crashes the selfish circus owner saves himself instead of his animals A nearby 1800s seaside town in Maine is quite surprised when the exotic animals start showing up At first many of the residents are very concerned for their safety but when one of the circus animals makes a brave rescue the entire town has a change of heart and starts plotting how to save the animals from the mean circus master when he comes looking for them.
Such a fun historical fiction story Of course, many of these animals would eat the town in real life, but their actions are clearly not true to life Kids can definitely cheer for circus animals getting freedom and should enjoy the rhyming text Oh, and the arrival of the circus master is quite funny and provides a nice hidden picture huntsee if you can find all of the animals on that spreadoh, and Mr Magee and Dee too while you re at it.
they must have traveled back in time to visit I m quite convinced that some of the Deckawoo Drive characters are direct descendants of this town If you re looking for a whimsical story for animal lovers, this may be their next favorite book.

I thought there d be about them being on the ship That early part is very brief There is a cool look and find section.
A fun story about circus animals that get shipwrecked Though all the pages are really delightful, one in particular has a full page spread of hiding animals Your children will enjoy seeing if they can find them If you re still not sure, watch Jack, age 6, tell you why it s so great Ages 4 Cleanliness someone infers another man is daft There is a picture of a lady s bloomers and corset hanging on the line Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website