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Download Epub Format Ñ The Buttersmiths' Gold PDF by à Adam Glendon Sidwell Review first published on my blog, Pieces of WhimsyThe Buttersmiths Gold has got to be one of the quirkiest, most ridiculously brilliant books I ve read and I could not get enough of it There was both a serious and silly tone throughout this book that both blended together beautifully The story s just so quirky that that you can t help but accept the silly as normal, leaving you to see some of the important points of the book All the different components were balanced out to give this book the perfect mood for the story it told.
This book doesn t have the most amazing, edge of your seat, enthralling tale but you can tell this if you read the blurb The story is engaging and fun It s a very comical story line and I think it can be enjoyed by people of all ages After all, I m a fussy, moody, hard to please teenager and I really enjoyed Torbjorn s and Storfjell s story so I think this book can be enjoyed by anyone, as long as they look at it in the right way.
The writing was simple and elegant, it flowed really well with the story and I could easily grasp what was going on Though the viking names were very different from names of now a days, once I decided on a pronunciation I was easily able to keep recall it as the smooth style of writing didn t leave me fussing over confusing words sentences.
The subject of the story is just so different, I couldn t help but be intrigued and after finishing the book I just want It s a light, quick read but it is filling, it satisfies my bookish needs at least until something else catches my eye At the end, this story lets you go, not in a this book s so forgettable way but an it was a good meal and now I shall sit back and relax for a while I think the books food talk is rubbing off on me I really enjoyed this book and will happily read from this author I adore this series and can t wait to read this novella And that cover is too flippin awesome after reading novella Adam has done it again The Buttersmiths Gold is just as captivating, imaginative, and fun as Evertaster Fans of Evertaster will love delving back into this thrilling world and meeting the Torbjorn and Storfjell, the original buttery, blueberry muffin lovin vikings Adam s signature clever, sparkling middle grade storytelling and humor bring this novella to life and offer readers of all ages a wildly entertaining read.
BATTLES BLUEBERRIES BOVINESRBJORN AND STORFJELL S HISTORY UNFOLDS IN AN EPIC EVERTASTER NOVELLAEveryone Knows The Most Coveted Treasure Of The Viking Age Was Blueberry Muffins Blueberry Muffins So Succulent That If You Sniffed Just A Whiff, You D Want A Whole Bite If You Bit A Bite, You D Want A Batch If You Snatched A Batch, You D Stop At Nothing Short Of Going To War Just To Claim Them All Young Torbjorn Trofastsonn Comes From The Clan That Makes Them He S A Viking Through And Through He S Thirteen Winters Old, Larger Than Most Respectable Rocks, And Most Of All, A Buttersmith That S What He Thinks Anyway, Until A Charismatic Merchant Makes Torbjorn Question His Place Among The Muffin Makers When Torbjorn Lets The Secret Of His Clan S Muffin Recipe Slip, He Calls Doom And Destruction Down Upon His Peaceful Village And Forces His Brother Storfjell And His Clansmen To Do The One Thing They Are Ill Prepared To Do Battle For Their Lives I received my copy through first reads, last year, but have only recently found the time to read it It s very cleverly written and very entertaining Though I never read the previous book, I never felt lost it s a completely separate story However, it has definitely made me interested in finding a copy of the first book The only thing that bothered me was how much plain butter was Ingested I cringed each time the book mentioned a Viking scooping out a handful of butter I could FEEL my arteries clogging just a bit by the mere imagery Ugh But other than that, definitely a good read.
read this over the weekend on the beach in Tahoe Fun story but probably hard to follow if you haven t read Evertaster Love these darling characters This is a cute addition to Evertaster It is the story of the Buttersmith s and how they came to have the best butter in the world.
Torbjorn and Storfjell are two lovable vikings in Evertaster They share the story of their clan with the pilot, also from Evertaster.
The story is imaginative and full of and adventure Vikings fighting trolls, stuff great adventure is made of.
Loved it maybe a bit than Evertaster

As stated in the Forward, Reading Evertaster is not mandatory before reading this book This book tells the tale of how the butter came to be A very fitting companion to the trilogy if I do say so myself.
The story begins at some point after Felicity s helicopters come and whisk the Johnsonville s to complete their part of the creation of the One Recipe, which left Braxton, Torbjorn, and Storfjell knocked out on the viking long boat with the cows who were still doing all the rowing The viking brothers tell Braxton that while everyone thinks vikings love blueberry muffins above all else that the best food in all of Midgard is the butter With further prompting, Torbjorn begins to weave the tale of his clan s butter and why is it better than any other in all the world.
I found myself chuckling as I read of Torbojorn s first venture into the biggest village in Midgard To viking style, there was most certainly a brawl that would than likely become a legend.
There is so much actual Norse myth and legend woven into this story, it was a delight for me to read I m as huge fan of all things Midgard as anyone that knows me can attest lol.
I do hope the author will make other companion stories for the trilogy, like the how the eggs came to be, or Arreviderci s chocolates I d most definitely be interested in those stories too and I m sure others would be as well.
I give this book 5 of 5 paws.
This story reached my every expectation I ve seen this book promoted on a couple of my favorite blogs and I was very curious to read it Imagine my delight when The Buttersmith s Gold was free for download on It s original, unique, imaginative and engaging, and can be enjoyed by young and old I definitely want to get my kids this series A perfect middle grade tale to read with your kids There s action, mystery, and valuable lessons on loyalty and purity Ohand trolls Humorous and enticing narration Plus, the cover is a hoot Just look at it Seriously And once you read the story, the cover will hold such meaning for you This is a great MG tale of self awareness in oneself as well as in one s place within a family unit Torbjorn seems to always come up short in comparison to his brother It s a constant battle for him, struggling with feeling like he has to prove himself to his family and clan This stress aka drive pushes him to make some risky decisions, endangering the life he s always known, including the precious secret of his people s successful muffin business.
Most of you can relate to that movie, where you know a character shouldn t enter or go Torb does exactly that, which is where this tale truly begins Vivid description of setting and place gave the story breath and life Coupled with Torb s inner contemplation about a strange man who sudden comes into his life, the story takes of in mystery and the unknown This man, who sudden appears when Torb need help, seems to know about Torb s muffin making clan than he does and it just doesn t feel right The world building is stellar, with colorful vocabulary and character quirks This world is not only pleasurable, but tangible to the eye and ear Streets and city names paint the world brightly Smells of the sea and ancient honor fill the air.
Most important at least to me as a reader is the underlying message of truth and honor, even when the truth is not popular This tale ultimately asks the reader to explore his her motivations for performing a specified task and for whom they re doing it for.
I d recommend this story to readers of MG age, those who love a comical adventure, and those with a vivid imagination not afraid to stretch those limits.