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[David Sheff] æ The Buddhist on Death Row [earth PDF] Read Online ☆ The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Beautiful Boyexplores The Transformation Of Jarvis Jay Masters Who Has Become One Of America S Most Inspiring Buddhist Practitioners While Locked In A Cell On Death Row Jarvis Jay Masters S Early Life Was A Horror Story Whose Outline We Know Too Well Born In Long Beach, California, His House Was Filled With Crack, Alcohol, Physical Abuse, And Men Who Paid His Mother For Sex He And His Siblings Were Split Up And Sent To Foster Care When He Was Five, And He Progressed Quickly To Juvenile Detention, Car Theft, Armed Robbery, And Ultimately San Quentin While In Prison, He Was Set Up For The Murder Of A Guard A Conviction Which Landed Him On Death Row, Where He S Been Since At The Time Of His Murder Trial, He Was Held In Solitary Confinement, Torn By Rage And Anxiety, Felled By Headaches, Seizures, And Panic Attacks A Criminal Investigator Repeatedly Offered To Teach Him Breathing Exercises Which He Repeatedly Refused Until Desperation Moved Him To Ask Her How To Do That Meditation Shit With Uncanny Clarity, David Sheff Describes Masters S Gradual But Profound Transformation From A Man Dedicated To Hurting Others To One Who Has Prevented Violence On The Prison Yard, Counseled High School Kids By Mail, And Helped Prisoners And Even Guards Find Meaning In Their Lives Along The Way, Masters Becomes Drawn To The Principles That Buddhism Espouses Compassion, Sacrifice, And Living In The Moment And He Gains The Admiration Of Buddhists Worldwide, Including Many Of The Faith S Most Renowned Practitioners And While He Is Still In San Quentin And Still On Death Row, He Is A Renowned Buddhist Thinker Who Shows Us How To Ease Our Everyday Suffering, Relish The Light That Surrounds Us, And Endure The Tragedies That Befall Us All I got this book from NetGalley, which I love, sothank you I chose this book for several reasons First, the author, David Sheff wrote one of my favorite books, Beautiful Boy A Father s Journey Through His Son s Addiction, so I was happy to pick up something else by him Second, I am deeply influenced by Buddhism and Buddhist practices, so the two interests intersected perfectly in this book And I just finished reading Pema Ch dr n s book When Things Fall Apart Heart Advice for Difficult Times Ms Chodron plays a large part in this story That s a lot of connections The story is fascinating and difficult The book is about a man who has spent the last forty years in prison, most of that time on death row As a child, the man was neglected, tormented, abused, and essentially tortured by those around him It is awful to read, and to imagine He ends up in San Quentin, where he is convicted of helping to murder a guard, then sentenced to death A kindly woman introduces him to meditation and Buddhism, and over the next decades of his life, he is transformed I think what I liked best about his story was how many setbacks he faced there were times when he just wanted to, and did, give it all up Who the hell could blame him Twice he thought he was going to be releasedand twice he was left in prison Friends died, people aged or moved on, the world just kept on ticking as he sat in prison year after year after year, but over time his practice and understanding deepened Buddhism keeps his sane, I think, and gives him a sense of both purpose and meaning Remarkable stuff.
I have no doubt that time, reflection, and the powers of meditation have turned this man from the wild and violent young person that he was to a sedate, compassionate adult who uses what power and influence he has to bring kindness, wisdom, and compassion to those who need it most prisoners, but guards as well I hope that he gets out sometime, and has the opportunity to live a peaceful and healthy life in our crazy world.
This is a good book.
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Wow, did this book make me think hard about my own life Jarvis Jay Masters has been on death row at San Quentin since he was 19, and he is now 49 Soon after entering prison, Masters met a woman who introduced him to Buddhism and to say that changed his life is an understatement What Masters has been able to do with his life within the walls of one of the worst prisons in the country, and even outside of the prison, is nothing short of amazing The perspective he brings to his life and his interaction with his fellow inmates and guards is so inspiring Sheff does an incredible job of telling Masters story with all of its highs and lows, and he humanizes Masters with every relationship he shares What an inspirational story.
read about 50% and decided I d like to read Jarvis Jay Masters in his own words Of what I read, an absolutely engaging read about Buddhism and meditation as a tool for survival, for recovery from trauma, and a path from reacting to our own suffering caused by others towards recognizing the inherent suffering surrounding us and trying to minimize it.
This is excellent And ultimately uplifting Sheff does a good job of providing relevant info and also presenting it at the right time There are all sorts of additional detail or tangential directions he could have taken the reader But he kept it tight and focused which helped keep my interest You ll learn some Buddhism along the way too Recommended.
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I only picked this up because I liked the title and cover The premise sounded interesting I wasn t expecting it to be a page turner and so touching I also wasn t expecting it to impact me emotionally and beg me to ask myself how meditation might be needed in my own life Talk about opening up.
A very inspiring story as well as a good introduction to Buddhist practices and meditation For such a slim book, it got a bit repetitive but that did little to detract from the overall message or from the amazing person that is Jarvis Jay Masters.