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[ Pdf Tasting Home Ý clean-romance PDF ] by Judith Newton ↠´ Tasting Home expands the tried and true blend of personal narrative and recipes into a full fledged autobiography In 1945, at age four, Newton played doctor with the boy down the street thinking it mildly exciting but not too bad Her mother disagreed While baking Cry Baby cookies, her mother dissolved into sobs and then destroyed Newton s self worth with one sentence I thought you were a good little girl read Literary Mama s full review here I tried to put this book down, but I kept coming back to it I love reading memoirs of ordinary people In my world, Newton is not the ordinary I grew up in the same time as Newton, but somehow, I escaped the feminist movement Her book actually made me wonder what I had missed in college I heard the feminist appeal and shouts, but they never drew me in I liked the way Newton wove recipes into her memoir Being brought up on a farm, food has always had meaning it meant comfort and the happiness of mom and apple pie Newton shared her world with me through food She made me understand her conflicts and torments of a difficult mom and a husband who loved her in the wrong way Great writing craft to keep the story moving.
A Memoir About Our Longing For Home, About The Many Forms That Home Can Take, And About The Role Of Food In Our Having It Engaging, Delightful And Resonant With Honesty, Well Drawn Characters, And Plenty Of Insight Publisher S Weekly Starred Review Outstanding In Its Genre This Is A Baby Boomer S Dream A Book Full Of Anecdotes About Coming Of Age During The Sexual Revolution Of The Sixties With Recipes An Ingeniously Conceived, Tightly Written, And Beautifully Packaged Memoir, A Vibrant Portrait Of The American Feminine Cultural Experience From The S Forward Independent PublishersStarred Review In Publisher S Weekly Select, London Book Festival First Place, Autobiography, Independent Publishers Bronze, Memoir, Hollywood Book Festival Honorable Mention, Autobiography,Reader S Favorite Finalist, Autobiography, Southern California Book Festival Honorable Mention, National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist, May ForeWord Book Of The Year Awards Silver, Women S Studies June San Francisco Book Festival Honorable Mention, May Independent Reader Approved, June New York Book Festival Honorable Mention, June The best thing about this book was the recipes.
This book is a whole lot than I expected it to be It starts off with her discussing getting rid of cook books which kind of throws you into years of gathering these, along with a whirlwind of stories It was interesting to see Judith age along with her cooking and seeing how the food was directly effected by what was happening in her life and what type of situations she was in The book surprisingly made me really sad at multiple parts and kind of made me think of what does life really mean It also made me think about whether or not I was taking loved ones for granted and what kind of impacts they ve had on my life I also thought it was interesting watching her morph herself into her idea of what she thought a women should be Reading about her uprising among jobs and finally to UC Davis as the director is very interesting to read about I love how she talks about who she is as a woman, in a way setting herself apart from others My only gripe about this book was that some chapters seemed to skip back a few years and introduce us to characters she had already talked about It just confused me at a few parts It was definitely not enough to turn me away from this book and I recommend it to others who enjoy food memoirs and feminist movements If I were rating this book simply on the quality of the writing, it would rate four or five stars Newton is obviously a skilled writer and I had no trouble slipping into the narrative dream of her life quickly I enjoyed the book but I just wish there were moments of connection than there were There were two times I was deeply touched one, when her ex husband died and two, when her mother was dying and she was able to put aside her own pain and say mother s here OMG, these were powerful moments that made me cry with sadness and empathy I felt connected Let me back up a little and say that this is a trifecta of a memoir, with the themes of food, childhood, and politics, all woven together with tales of the men in her life, only one of which she goes into any real depth about, the aforementioned gay ex husband who died Her feelings towards men seem to be ambivalent, and like many feminists, she seems to have trouble dealing with men who have traditional male characteristics, and although her male bashing is kept to a minimum, it is still disturbing, if only because she seems to be oblivious to it One of the problems I find with reading memoirs of people with far left views is that they seem to have blinders on when it comes to their own particular biases When it comes to a memoir, this can be a real problem, and at times she comes off as somewhat aloof and even elitist But, I digress, as I am prone to do Back to the trifecta.
She writes briefly of a painful incident that happened to her when she was four years old Her mother found out that she had played doctor with another child, a young boy, and she was chastised by being told I thought you were a good little girl This incident played such an important part in her life that she spent decades trying to conceal what she wrote was a sense of monstrousness in herself This incident, coupled with the fact that she was fat until she twelve years old and that her father s behavior towards her after she lost weight was at times inappropriate though oddly, she drops this subject without further ado leaves her obviously scarred The strange thing is that most of these incidents that seem to have touched her most deeply are the incidents she glosses by all too quickly And, I find it highly ironic that part of the misery of her childhood is that she is fat but there we are, being offered recipes of cookies and pies that fed her misery The book is not without it s funny parts, and I got a big chuckle out of one beautifully written scene where she has just finished a piano recital she flubbed Her mother s response when the child apologizes for embarrassing her is downright comical.
For the most part, I enjoyed the interspersing of the recipes and how food related to her life The down home comfort food of her youth becomes increasingly Foodie in nature The last part of the trifecta of her life is her political life and although I love memoirs anddon t let someone s politics limit my reading, I found myself puzzled at what drove her politically In giving so much weight to describing her politics and her work, she fails to really make me understand what exactly in her life made her feel so strongly as she did What drove the chubby little girl so completely that she felt compelled to abandon what she was Was it the sense of monstrousness she touched upon earlier in the book She doesn t say I came away with the sense that she really had a pretty good childhood and she was pretty unfair to her mother, having little good to say about her except that she baked good pies, and even then her mom was criticized for her inability to teach that skill It troubled me that that impression probably wasn t the impression I was supposed to come away with, because there was obviously so much pain within her As interesting as her political and Foodie life was, I think it got in the way of telling her other story, about the vulnerable and sensitive child who survived and overcame great pain This is the person I wanted to know about This all said, I recommend the book I found myself liking the author and her sense ofjoy in cooking for her friends It just seemed like something was missing I received this book via Goodreads First Reads Giveaway contest Thanks to the author for writing this book and for sending it out to me so promptly after my win.
I was given a copy of Tasting Home for review by the author through GoodReads First Reads.
I really liked this book Ms Newton did a wonderful job weaving her life story around her cooking, and she provided some wonderful recipes.
Starting out in the 30 s with her parents, and then telling the tale of her life through the different cookbook fads, she sprinkles her life story with the recipes that had meaning for her, at that time, behind them Some I ve done before, some I ve never heard of, but all I am planing to use at some point or another soon.
Ms Newton had lived an incredible life, one that I hope she feels proud of I am impressed with how she handles the various obstacles life throws at her, and how well she has stuck by her beliefs even if they weren t necessarily popular at times I don t want to go into any details, this is a book you should pick up and start reading I regret that it took me this long to get around to reading it, when I could have had this enjoyment months ago.
5 Stars.

Thought ProvokingI enjoyed Tasting Home Coming of Age in the Kitchen far than I thought I would While I don t necessarily agree with all the authors extreme methods of gaining insight, those methods worked for her The insights into her traumatized early and formative years, due in large part to the rejection of her mother, shaped an interesting, intelligent, and multidimensional person Those qualities paired with the authors wit, warmth, affection, and humor make this book one you find yourself picking up to read again and again.
Judith Newton grabbed me on the first page of Tasting Home She laments the need to give up some of her treasured cookbooks as she moves into a new home I joined in the mourning, for during my own recent move I did give away many of my own treasures, and now I repent and regret the decision just about every time that I walk by my kitchen bookcase Fortunately, Newton realized that she must keep the books Good for her For a couple of reasons she still has those wonderful books and the memories they hold, and she opens up her shelves to us as she shares her turbulent life in this intriguing memoir Food is home, and most times, home is in the kitchen I realized that cookbooks were to me than a reflection of my past They are indeed, and she uses them, a variety of them, to tell her story The book has a bonus many of the recipes come directly from familiar books Some I own or have owned , like Julia Child and the Moosewood books Others are totally new to me books with recipes that make me start thinking about dinner tonight while I read in the morning A girl who can sew like you, why would you want to go to college Newton s aunt s question seemed a natural one in her society of California working folks Why would she Fortunately her father and a wise school counselor prevailed She left her boyfriend and headed for Stanford and an undreamed of life She never left school she simply changed sides of the desk as she built her career in academia Don t think an ivy covered, quiet life While growing and maintaining her career, Newton led a fascinating life marked by love, leaving, and loving again, and again Sometimes turbulent, often sad, especially the saga of Dick, her bisexual first husband the book is dedicated to his memory there was always time for the kitchen, the cooking, and the solace of food.
As a dedicated cook and cookbook reader and as a contemporary of the author, I found this book a fascinating tour of my times And often it could have been a tour of my kitchen I recommend it I feel better now when I walk by that kitchen bookcase since Tasting Home has joined the survivors I ve made the peanut butter fudge Okay, I ve made it twice Date butter is up next Newton and I are going to get much better acquainted Judith Newton, Professor Emerita in Women and Gender Studies at U.
C Davis, has written an intriguing memoir combining her love of life, her zest for food and her talent for cooking.
I must admit I was uncertain about whether I would like the book in the first couple of chapters I gave myself 3 or 4 chapters to decide whether to continue, and I am very glad I did The memoir is chronicled according to the places the author lived and a recipe, or set of recipes, that were meaningful to her during that era She rises above the lack of nurturing parents during childhood but it is a lifetime endeavor She creates her own family of choice with various lovers and friends I liked that the reader is also given a little peek into her metamorphosis as a feminist scholar and how she deals with the sexism prejudices of the time One wonders how many women still struggle with this in academia and everywhere else I think I know the answer and it depresses me Still, I appreciate the story of her journey and how she approaches motherhood She worked hard to choose a different path from her own parents I can appreciate that on a very personal level.
This is another book that made me really miss my sister and wish I could discuss it with her She, too, treasured cookbooks, read them like novels, and worked to overcome some early childhood traumas I made myself cream tea in a cup my sister gave me long ago and drank it in quiet contemplation.
All better now.