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[ Read Online Merry Moosey Christmas ✓ wwii-related-fiction PDF ] by Lynn Plourde ã Cute story with great illustrations Delightful twists in Plourde s clever telling of what if which was no surprise because she is always delightfully clever I had the pleasure of listening to her and the illustrator describe their experience of creating this book what a treat Merry Moosey Christmas is a cute little holiday story Rudolph wants the day off so that he can hear Santa land on his roof Christmas Eve In order to accomplish that, Rudolph must find a replacement and teach him how to fly, navigate, and light the way for Santa It is full of wonderful mishaps and silly solutions to get Rudolph his day off Merry Moosy Christmas made me laugh and put a smile on my face It is a wonderful story for quick and amusing holiday read.
This entertaining book had a wonderful story and great illustrations The premise of Rudolph wanting to spend one Christmas Eve home and have Santa deliver to his house was cute Rudolph and Santa search for a replacement which comes in the form of Moose Yet, Moose needs help in order to take Rudolph s place The items Moose collects so he can be part on Santa s yearly trip are creative I think children will enjoy this book.
Super super cute I really liked it A moose takes Rudolf s place, quite fun.
Another Year, Another Christmas Eve This Year, Rudolph Just Wants To Enjoy The Holiday Without Having To Work So He Convinces Santa To Accept A Substitute The Search For The Perfect Replacement Results In An Eager And Resourceful Moose, Who Knows Just How To Use A Headlamp And A GPS But On Christmas Eve, Rudolph Worries Was The Moose S Training Complete Will Santa And Moosey Be Able To Get All The Presents Where They Need To Be Illustrator Russ Cox Pairs With Award Winning Children S Book Author Lynn Plourde And Her Illustrious Storytelling Skills To Tell This Hilarious, Unique Holiday Story That S Sure To Be A Perennial Favorite Rudolph wants to take time off, so he enlists the help of a moose A moose with a jet pack, head lamp and GPS on his antler is surely just as good as a reindeeror perhaps not Ha I wasn t sure I was going to like this book because Rudolph kind of rubbed me the wrong way at first, but then it got funny and cute I enjoyed the story and it made my son laugh, he liked it too.
I really hoped this book would be a better story than it came across to me A bit long for the younger crowd as a group.
The illustrations are large, colorful, and fun.