Trailer â I Met a Moose in Maine One Day PDF by â Ed Shankman

Trailer â I Met a Moose in Maine One Day PDF by â Ed Shankman Aunt Kitty purchased this for Beetle It is autographed by the author This is somewhat reminiscent of Bob and Jack It s a fun tale of the day a boy spent with a moose who just appears in his life The boy decides to do all sorts of things a moose never gets to do as they jet set around Maine.
Fun little book.
Poetry Modern FantasyThis book was written as poetry Has great rhyme schemes and tells the story of a boy who meets and befriends a moose They travel all over the state and meet different animals and visit different towns and cities in Maine.
A Boy And A Moose Become Fast Friends In This Rhyming Charmer From The Creators Of The Boston Balloonies, The Cods Of Cape Cod, And Champ And Me By The Maple Tree Together, Boy And Beast Play Hide And Seek Not The Best Game For A Moose , Walk To The General Store, Then Take A Tour Of Maine They Fly About In A Seaplane, They Run The Penobscot River On A Raft Made Of Logs, They Hang Out On A Dock In Camden, And They Finish Off With Some Chocolate Moose Cake At A Cafe In Portland Its a Dr Seuss ish rhyming story about a boy who meets a moose They go on an adventure in town Its gives points of references of real towns in Maine, which you can appreciate if youve been to the state.
Super cute Amazing illustrations This is a fun story no matter where you live This appears to be written for a market in Maine tourist shops, and would be an excellent purchase to take home to the grand kids, nieces or nephews.
On a trip to Maine several years ago, we bought this book in Boothbay Harbor After spending years on the shelf, I finally cracked this book open The story is full of exciting adventures of a boy and moose who meet and become instant friends The story is full of fast rhyming and hilarious encounters I enjoyed how the book incorporated many Maine towns in the adventure Dave O Neill s illustrations are vibrant and exciting.
Although it is not one of my favorites, the book is a souvenir from a fun trip to Maine and the fast paced story by Ed Shankman is a lot of fun to read I would definitely have this book in my school collection I think that the book provides rhymes that a skilled storyteller would enjoy presenting to kids.
I actually picked this book up in a candy store in Maine that is famous for a 1700 pound chocolate moose A young boy is befriended by a moose and experiences all kinds of fun with him, not only in his home, but also in the town and other towns of Maine A fun rhyming book that will certainly have kids laughing.
With a fast paced rhyme and a multitude of Maine references, how can you go wrong There s something joyful about racing through the story of the boy and the moose and their wild day out A definite recommend for New Englanders and any fans of moose It is honestly just fun to say moose a lot Try it.

My nephew asked for this one tonight The moose does some silly and funny this He was giggling at this one Short and cute Nice art.
This is a must read with children before and or during a trip to Maine so I m keeping it in mind to check out from the library again when we go there someday We loved the illustrations and rhymes A very fun, cute story.