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[ Pdf Evertaster ¸ writing PDF ] by Adam Glendon Sidwell ¸ A little too fast paced and unbelievable in the beginning They just seemed to accept things easily I might have been too old for this book for me to completely enjoy it Too bad I expected Longer review to come I m excited My daughter and I are always looking for series that peak her interest I cook professionally and she loves being my sous chef at home What a great premise for a series So excited.
This book has received so many rave reviews I wanted to like it, but I just didn t A very few positives it s clean and not too violent or scary, it has a couple of sweet moments, and the premise is unique Unfortunately, the negatives really outweighed the positives for me It s not well written it s predictable, the dialogue is disjointed, and the writing really shows a lack of experience It doesn t give even young readers much credit always states the obvious, not challenging at all It seems to me that Sidwell is just trying to copy Brandon Mull s or Rick Riordan s style The biggest drawback of all horrible editing I just have the hardest time understanding how a published book can be so poorly edited proofread And this wasn t just a few missed typos it s full of basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes Very frustrating I won t have my kids read this one.
This book has the adventure of Percy Jackson and the quirky mystery of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory As an adult, I couldn t put it down I can wait to order a few copies for my nieces and nephews birthdays Such a fun read.
When I read the premise of this book, I knew I wanted to read it An 11 year old picky eater A desperate mom in search of something for her son to eat The discovery of a legendary recipe that takes the Johnsonvilles on a wild adventurous journey through ancient ruins, deep jungles and forgotten caves Yup, we were in I read this book with my daughter and we loved it We especially liked all the descriptions of the food and how they tasted We were drooling and hungry every time we read it.
Guster Johnsonville is a picky eater whose taste buds are so enhanced he can taste where the orange was grown the minute he bites into it This can bring untold delight if he eats food prepared by a chef who uses only the best ingredients and has spent countless hours perfecting the meal, but becomes a problem for him when his mom puts together a simple casserole He refuses everything she makes, making him hungry and so skinny it drives his mother to desperate measures Sounds familiar They end up at a patisserie in New Orleans where a dying pastry chef tells him of the One Recipe called The Gastronomy of Peace, a recipe so delicious that if you tasted it, you d never want to eat anything again Then he gives Guster an old eggbeater just before they are attacked by an evil chef dressed all in red who chases them with a meat cleaver They discover the eggbeater has symbols engraved on its handle and instructions they figure leads them to the One Recipe So together with all his siblings, including his smart sister Mariah and his toddler brother, Guster s mom piles her family into the car and they take off Thus the adventure to faraway lands begins.
In many ways this book reminded me of The 39 Clues series, because the Johnsonvilles were on a search for a formula the One Recipe that could change the world It was full of adventure, quirky characters, funny situations and dangerous missions I loved that there was a mom involved in this family adventure story She was a cool, but typical mom.
The evil chef was part of the Cult of Gastronimatti who were also after the One Recipe The chase was on and Guster and his family tried to stay one step ahead of them, making this an exciting and suspenseful read Sometimes my daughter would ask me to re read certain sections because she didn t quite get what was going on there was a lot of action , but overall we loved the action and appropriately felt both Guster and his mom s dilemmas The scenes are so vivid, we could easily see them in a movie, and no wonder for the author has a career that puts his computer graphic skills to use in creating characters for blockbuster films.
This is a story that celebrates good food, family unity, mothers, and ultimately the love that comes from a good home cooked meal We re excited that further perilous delicious adventures are soon to come in the second book of this series, Evertaster The Delicious City For all lovers of chocolate, good food, and action adventure tales, Evertaster will have you looking for that One Recipe in your life too Highly recommended if you want a fun book to read

I loved it I ditched work just so I could read it finished it in two sittings.
I m pretty sure the author of this book is the guy who was in my History of Creativity class in college who, for his final project, built a boat out of empty milk cartons and attempted to sail it across the local lake Remembering that, I figured this book was worth checking out I m not 100% positive that this was written by the same milk carton guy, but I m glad I read the book either way.
At first I wasn t sure about this book The unusual food theme, the corny, corny names like Epiglottis, and Italo Arrivederci, it was a bit too much I told myself it was a kids book and read on Then it got into the mystery and adventure and just didn t let up This is an intense little book I was really liking it And then I got to the ending and the writing got down right poetic and, I don t want to give too much away but my mouth was watering and my heart was being warmed Great writing at the end I really liked this book There were some odd parts, for sure, but they were endearing.
Now, I don t know, one of my kids is a really picky eater, and so some of the family tension really hit home for me and maybe it won t for everyone, but in addition to the fun mystery action adventure stuff there were some fairly poignant parts to this book Surprising Not what I expected after the first couple pages, but it went a long way to cement my enjoyment of the story I can t wait for that kid to read the book himself and hear what he thinks of it.
UPDATE The picky eater read it and loved it but still refused to eat his dinner.
I think this is a book my nine year old would probably really enjoy It s exciting and I cared about the characters I have a few complaints, but generally the plot was engaging and had the right level of complexity I greatly apprecited how clean it was, except for some minor violence such as clever throwing bad guys and gun firing mercenaries It was a fun mystery The best part was the end when Guster learns to appreciate his mother s cooking because he realizes it is made with love.
Well, it s not often I find a book I don t want to put down, but Evertaster had me trying to find a break at work where I could fit in a chapter or two The story is well paced and consistently had me wondering, What s next The story begins with a young Guster Johnsonville and his peculiar taste buds A seemingly routine task to find Guster something to eat, that doesn t make him think his mother is trying to starve him to death, turns into a globetrotting quest to find the ultimate tasteand a recipe that some say promises to save the world There s just one problem, Guster isn t the only one looking for this rud ancient recipe.
Guster s adventures take him to remote islands, dense jungles, mountain peaks, andNevada You ll just have to read it to find out why for yourself He makes big friends with heart warming brothers Storfjell and Torbjorn and their circus like bovine farming and crosses paths with unsavories like Palatus who think Guster is wasting his talents.
Evertaster would appeal to young adults, foodies, adventure and mystery readers, and anyone who likes a good story I d say it s a cross of the mystery of The Da Vinci Code meets the whimsical food adventure of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Evertaster satisfied my appetite for adventure and left me craving a good dessert.
When Eleven Year Old Guster Johnsonville Rejects His Mother S Casserole For The Umpteenth Time, She Takes Him Into The City Of New Orleans To Find Him Something To Eat There, In A Dark, Abandoned Corner Of The City, They Meet A Dying Pastry Maker Who Tells Them Of A Legendary Recipe Called The Gastronomy Of Peace A Recipe Created Hundreds Of Years Ago, Sought After By Connoisseurs Everywhere, And Rud To Be So Delicious That Whoever Tastes It Will Never Want To Eat Anything Else Again Guster Thinks This Might Be Just What He Needs Until The Ruthless Gastronimatii, A Cult Of Armed And Sinister Chefs Attack The Johnsonvilles Guster, His Sister Mariah, His Mother Mabel, And His Two Brothers Are Forced To Flee For Their Lives And Set Out Across The World In Search Of The One Recipe S Ingredients On An Adventure That Will Take Them To Ancient Ruins, Magical Beasts, Faraway Jungles, And Forgotten Caves, The Johnsonvilles Must Unravel The Mystery Behind The One Recipe