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[ Read Online Dietless ☆ usability PDF ] by Rens Stokman Ö Easy readQuick and easy read, not to on scientific but enough to get the point across Clear and to the point I d recommend to those tired of failed diets Great analytic approach to weight lossThis book does a very good job of providing most if not all of the information required for the reader to understand the core principles of physiology, nutrition, exercise, and psychology as applied to losing weight The reader will have to do some work such as values clarification, but the author provides plenty of tools with no gimmicks or platitudes.
Another way to think about foodThis book gives a great breakdown of the different types of food and why we should eat these foods and the proper proportions In addition, there are easy ways to add exercise into our daily routine along with apps and forms to easily track our progress I would have liked a bit information about the foods, possibly some simple recipes.

More of a summary and meta analysis of other books.
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