✓ Commit to Get Fit î Download by ☆ Laura Dion-Jones

✓ Commit to Get Fit î Download by ☆ Laura Dion-Jones NOT JUST ANOTHER DIET BOOK The Failing Of Most Weight Loss books Is That They Are Strict, Regimented Plans Complete With Recipes, Rules And Long, Long Lists Of Do S And Don Ts This Approach Is Exactly What Chicago Author Laura Dion Jones Challenges And Changes In Her Revolutionary New Book, Commit to Get Fit Find The Secret To Your Own True And Everlasting Weight Loss Rather Than Continuing To Bombard Readers With One Rigid Program Aimed At Weight Loss, Laura Simply Aims To Inspire And Change The Reader S Approach To Weight Control Through A Detailed, Self Effacing, Fun Filled And Yet Poignant Journey Of Her Own Success The Book Includes Insights, Thought Processes And Other Information Detailed During Her Journey To A Healthier Lifestyle, All Of Which Are Intended To Positively Influence The Reader S View On His Or Her Own Attempts At Weight Loss It Also, While Remaining Entertaining And Positive, Stays Realistic Rather Than Make Claims About Some Secret Trick That Magically Transforms Your Body, As Is Too Rampant In The Weight Loss Industry, It Details Both Laura S Successes And Mistakes, Her Moments Of Gratification And Of Disappointment, Which Make For A Guide That Is As Honest As It Is Refreshing One Reader Review Of An Advance Copy Of Commit to Get Fit Has Described The Book As Careful To Skewer The Diet Industry, Entertainingly, From The Beginning And A Valuable read For Anyone Who Wants To Lose Weight, Particularly If You Have Tried And Tried And Have Given Up The Ghost On That Particular Goal One Of Laura S Goals In Writing Commit to Get Fit Was To Change The Way Dieters View The Process Of Losing Weight By Taking Control Of Their Own Personal Lifestyle, Rather Than Following Guidelines And Those Rigid Rules That Could Possibly Be Unhealthy Or Not Suitable For Each And Every Individual And Putting An End To Our Country S Obesity Epidemic Because Being Over Weight Is Not A Disease Obesity Is Totally And Unequivocally Preventable It All Comes Down To Choice And Personal Responsibility Period

Having survived a serious accident on the slopes, black run skier Laura Dion Jones spent months helplessly watching her weight increase as her shattered leg was mended She had been a top plus sized model and designed clothing, so she was aware of size issues or so she thought When she became sick and tired of obesity and embarrassed beyond words by the remarks passed by people who only saw her weight, Laura decided to change She s just sorry that it took until she reached the 317 pound mark for her to discover how to address the issues confronting her I greatly admire this author for her attitude in facing up to the challenge and for presenting the lessons she learned, to try to help others Whatever Laura ate seemed to make her fatter and even the Weight Watchers system didn t help After trying psychoanalysis and even attempting gastric band surgery, the truth dawned Finally she tried one consultant and was told that her pancreas was hyper sensitive to carbohydrates, even complex ones, and was triggering a release of insulin which prompted her body to store fat Now she knew what to do, Laura abandoned the American easy diet and set about modifying the Atkins diet to her needs She is convinced that obesity in many is caused by the pancreas having been saturated with carbs in youth and now over reacting The weight began to drop Walking was the next step even in the rain How hard it could be to motivate herself Laura struggled on daily until the pounds just started melting off and her walks got longer Now, she makes time for a five or six mile walk daily, plus some gym or weight exercises to kickstart her metabolism The list of excuses offered by other overweight people as to why they can t or won t do the same is entertaining to read, but at least one will sound familiar to each of us Laura now maintains a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle, with enjoyable meals, and she reminds us that giving food to others is not giving love We can prevent many poor health issues arising as well as feeling confident, able and attractive Further reading for those interested in the subject includes Healthy Joints For Life by Richard Diana MD, the only orthopaedic surgeon to have played in the Superbowl Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss, a journalist who looks deep inside the big food industry which profits hugely from unhealthy ingredients.
While overweight and obesity has been an American problem for some time, it now occurs in Ireland and the UK, so inspiring books which motivate us to Commit to Get Fit by people who have been there and done that, are recommended by me Laura Dion Jones is a radio and TV host and a wellness coach and motivational speaker Peppering her book with brief quotes from inspirational people, as well as her highly personal experiences, she convinces us that change is possible.
Commit to Get Fit is a good read for someone who has tried it all to lose weight Laura Dion Jones has proven that despite being large, despite having orthopedic issues literally working against you, that weight loss and getting healthy is doable She discusses what to ask yourself on a daily basis to become successful She also discusses some of the struggles that many of us face when going into a medical professional who simply says lose the weight and provides no support system and doesn t always take the time to ask questions or answer the questions we may have or need to hear Laura Dion Jones uses motivating quotes, tracking charts options, questions and fill in the blank statements to help you see what you are capable of doing and where you need to go to become healthier She is a strong advocate in the book of Atkins style diets because this worked well for her But she does state News Flash There is no one diet or health and fitness plan that is right for everyone Avoiding those processed foods that we have all learned to love is something that she has shown is a big issue and needs to be addressed by all of us The biggest thing I liked about this is when she states I still consider myself a recovering, chronically obese woman She understands the daily struggle because she lives the daily struggle I would recommend this book to someone even if they are just starting out simply because of the questions she asks that we ask ourselves Responsibility to ourselves is the first step in starting the journey this book was received from the publisher through Goodreads.