Þ Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong è Download by ç Jen Yates

Þ Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong è Download by ç Jen Yates How do you rate a humorous book like this I rate them as follows How hard did I laugh Did my husband laugh I consider this the boy girl test do both sexes think its funny I should probably worry that I think two data points my husband and myself are enough for me to answer this Oh well, that s why I majored in History and not statistics.
Distractibility from real life can it make me forget about the fact that I m probably supposed to be working on Pass around ability can I pass it around to distract all the workers in my office And to answer those questions, I laughed, my husband laughed, my boss laughed, and it s gotten a lot of attention at the work coffee table Listening to a giggle laugh track next to my desk definitely improves my work day For all the color photos that are priceless, this is a pretty cheap book Absolutely worth it, and much office friendly than FU Penguin.
What some of these cake decorators lack in penmanship, they make up for in spelling errors And they seem to think that anything can be fixed by adding icing Gobs of icing Author and collector of wrecked cake pictures, Jen Yates adds her comments with somewhat sarcastic and often quizzical captions There are definitely humorous cakes in this collection, some intentional and some not, and this book may have you switching to ice cream for dessert But it s all in good, or maybe gooey, fun.
From Jen, The Creator Of The Hit Blog CakeWrecks, Comes The Best Of The Worst Cakey Creations Out There The Grammar Goof Ups, The Unintentionally Creepy, The Accidentally Suggestive, The Ugly, The Sad, And The Just Plain Funny, All Served Up With Jen S Unique Blend Of Wit, Sarcasm, And Punny Patter Combining All New Material Along With Fan Favorites And Behind The Scenes Tidbits On The Hardships And Hilarity Of Running A Popular Blog, Cake Wrecks Is Sure To Please Both New And Old Fans Alike Jen Yates Has Been A Clown, A Cash Office Accountant, A Jungle Cruise Skipper, A Small Business Owner, A Children S Book Inventory Expeditor, And A House Painter She Loves All Types Of Cake And The People Who Make Them, Especially If They Share She Currently Lives In Florida With Her Husband, John, And Their Two Cats Even if you re already a rabid CakeWrecks fan, get this book There are tons of brand new delicious, hysterical wrecks that will have you laughing until you cry There are also some behind the scenes stories both from the website and the stories behind the wrecked cakes Don t skip over Jen s witty commentary You ll be snorting frosting out your nostrils in no time My favorites are Welcome little Swetty , Happy 35th, Ann, Dave Philis and the whole Baby Bottoms Up chapter.
One of the most brilliant, insightful explanations on why cakes gone wrong are both funny and daily addicting is right at the beginning of the book I think it has something to do with the fact that almost all of us have a cake story to tell Good or bad, these cakes tell little stories about us So when we see a cake that s shaped like a plunger, we know there s probably a story behind it, too and if we re lucky, a really funny one.
I bought this book for my daughter, who makes cakes professionally, so that she could see what not to do I got it home and could not resist having a browse but once into it, I could not put it down and must confess it is without doubt one of the funniest books I have read.
Jen Yates pickes out misspellings, poor design, wedding disasters, meaningless remarks, holiday horrors, new baby cakes plus some random wreckage All of it makes for great fun and plenty of belly laughs, even if one cannot believe that professional cake makers would perpetrate such mistakes.
One customer when asked what he wanted on the cake said, Nothing and that is exactly what appeared on it, the word Nothing Another asked for Somewhere over the rainbow and got the word Somewheres above some rainbow coloured icing And what about the customer who asked for God Bless Everyone , inside a heart He she got exactly what she ordered for the top of the cake read God Bless Everyone Inside a heart And one customer asked for Congratulations with the lettering to be as small as possible yes, you got it, the cake read Congratulations As small As Possible And on the subject of fonts, perhaps they were triplets or all having a birthday on the same day for the cake read, Happy Birthday Hannah Large Font, Cole and Allie Small Font Well, the designer had carried out the instructions to the letter, hadn t he she It s a Gril celebrated the birth of a new baby gril, sorry, girl, and I ts a Boy spelt it right but punctuation was not the designer s strong point.
It s great fun and it will be a wrench passing it on now for it is a book to be picked up and browsed when a laugh is needed.
So, Whoppie Happy redding , a paraphrase of the cake which should have said, Whoopie It s your Birthday but the first word lost something in the translation and it is amazing how many different spellings there are of the word birthday This is one of those books that regularly winds up in our breakroom at work, with a few of us crying over it because of how hilarious some of these wrecks are I d never heard of the website before I d read this, and now it s one of my favorites to read daily to cheer myself up.
Last night our library held a program on how to salvage cooking disasters Cake wrecks fit in so well with the topic that I had to take it home and read it all last night Author, Jen Yates conceived her idea for the book from an email message sent by a friend you know one of those that get forwarded to everyone in your address book The picture of the cake with its wacky message was the impetus for a blog www.
com Blog to book seemed a natural If you need a laugh and have a few hours you can t go wrong with these cakes where something is lost in the interpretation and or communication is lacking As I flipped through the book I couldn t help musing What were they thinking and reminisced on some of my own cake blunders I liked the whole but wished I had a piece of cake to enjoy with the book

This book is hysterical and frighteninga train wreck of sugar and flour.
sort of like Honey BooBoo What s really sad is that any one of these cakes could have been made by yours truly ME I have a confession or two.
I kill plantsI m so sorryI know they are living things.
I also kill cakesI don t know how it happensit just does They are afraid of me I think They never stand up straight, they fall over, or sink in the middle, they melt their own frosting, or the frosting goes haywire.
When I went through this book it was like looking back at all the cakes I ve tortured in my life I feel so ashamed a sweet innocent cake Don t let them fool you they have a mind of their own If you don t follow the directions, just so,They can eruptand end up as hard as a rock, as flat as a pancake, or even explode in the oven trust me I ve seen it all and everything in between But to tell you the truth, the cakes in this book are far worse than most of my disastersno really, they are Honest My only complaint.
the photos are less than stellar, maybe it s the subject matter No, no it s the photographers for sure Damn shame, great photos would have made this a full 5 stars.
You ve seen them online Now see them in book form Godawful cake disasters Glorious confectionary monstrosities Revel in gasps and giggles to mishaps likeSome of my favorite are the ones that include inadvertently snarky quotes Maybe this isn t a true 5 star book from cover to cover some of the commentary and attempts to yuck it up fall flat however, if you can make me laugh so hard that I cry, you deserve an extra star or two This had me in tears two or three times before I finished.
This book is a total laugh out loud tears streaming down the face riot The combination of disastrous cakes and the author s totally hilarious, smart musings quips captions makes for a hell of a great read The blurbs are never mean spirited or that annoying teenage toilet humor which makes it even funnier.
Nearly every page has a picture of a horrifying cake with some text alongside Sometimes it s just one sentence, maybe some internal dialog, a conversation or a few lines of explanation Rarely is it too long so the humor is always at the forefront Some cakes are just plain and simple monstrosities while others don t jump out at you right away but when the author gets going you can t help but go ewwww or OMG Most will have you gaze in awe wondering what possessed the baker to put these out for public viewing instead of making a beeline for the trash can You ve got the ghastly Technicolor cakes with garish fuchsias and blinding turquoise, the frightening poor taste cakes like the military dolphin amo combo job for a wedding , the bizarre feathers in a cake as decoration yuck or the classic clumps of pooh log looking cakes wow are those ever repulsive Expect to see some classic examples of miscomprehension, misspellings and unique misunderstandings ie the Baker was smokin some bad stuff that day My faves were the disastrous attempt at a tartan plaid for a wedding and the beautifully author titled Vortex of Doom cake that was hys ter i cal If you re looking for a gift for a hard to shop for person get this baby and you ll be guaranteed some serious laughs, wheezing and near choking while you try to catch your breath and wipe your eyes as you flip through the pages it is that good D