Trailer ↠´ Blueberry Summer PDF by ↠´ Elisabeth Ogilvie

Trailer ↠´ Blueberry Summer PDF by ↠´ Elisabeth Ogilvie A Well Known Novelist Has Written A Delightful Young People S Romance Set In MaineCass Had Looked Forward So Long To This Summer When She Would Have A Job Of Her Own And A Vacation Away From The Family Then Suddenly, For The First Time, She Was Really Needed At Home To Keep House For Her Eight Year Old Brother, Peter, And To Tend The Blueberry Crop In Unexpected Circumstances She Meets A Young Medical Student, Adam Ross She Also Meets Jeff Marshall And Is Smitten By His Lazy, Whimsical CharmThrough One Crisis After Another Which She Must Face Alone From The Small Ones Like The Enmity Of The Family Cow And Her Impatience With Peter, To The Problem Of Getting In The Blueberries Without The Expected Help Cass Develops And Matures EmotionallyA Wonderful Story By A Gifted Author About A Sixteen Year Old S Most Important Summer I thought this was a great summer read it was written in the 1950s, so that s a big plus right there This was a fun story And it took place in Maine which is not where most stories I read take place, so that was an added delight.
Cass is not your usual slim, attractive girl She s somewhat overweight, has freckles, loves to eat, and doesn t get along with her younger brother Well, she doesn t until But that would give away part of the story.
Adam Ross I like him.
But tell me please, Cass, why did you like Jeff Marshall And why did you think that about him and Toby This is a story about growing up, about facing your responsibilities and not letting everyone else dictate how you stand up or don t stand up for people There s a bit of a mystery, some laughs, some disagreements between the younger brother and Cass, but overall it was an enjoyable story.
I think there were two times when the whiteout was needed, just so you know And this was not a Christian book, so doen t expect it.
Typical 1950 s romance for YA s in that Cass, the teenage heroine, daydreams of winning the romantic hero by means of her unmatchable and heretofore undiscovered beauty and charm But her means of achieving her goal is a little different she is forced by family circus to manage her family farm and watch after her little brother Peter under difficult circumstances The hero, Adam, is a little too idealized and never represents much of a challenge to Cass She is presented with a challenge she finds exciting later in the book, when artists Jeff and Toby come to live in a summer cottage The story deals with several concepts, including loyalty to family and friends, shouldering responsibility, honesty, self image, self discipline, dependability in an accessible but not heavy handed way Pleasant rural Maine setting.
read this book as a teenager, ADORED it, and it still stands up to my cynical adult taste Perhaps due to all the nostalgia it elicits but who cares This book is attached to some pretty hardcore nostalgia I discovered this in the dusty library at home, dirty and loose paged and read it every time I was home sick from school It s a snapshot from a different life a cleaner and simpler one whose main character I related to and whose role I inserted myself into again and again Yay for escapism.
OMG I love this book I still have the extremely dog eared paperback on my bookshelf.
About my hometown How could it be anything but wonderful.
This is what started it all It was the first book I ever willingly read Most of you may not consider this a five star book, but it s top of the list for me.
Sweet YA I just wish Cass hadn t had to change so much about herself to feel beautiful.