Download Epub Format ò Alberts Almost Amazing Adventure PDF by ò Marty Kelley

Download Epub Format ò Alberts Almost Amazing Adventure PDF by ò Marty Kelley Loved this book So fun and clever.
Love the shift between black and white illustrations for reality and color illustrations for the fantasy Also love the opportunity to predict the answer before each page turn.
Albert S Vacation Was Amazing Or So He Thought To His Friends, His Time In Maine Was Boring Dull Lame They Ve Got A Much Vivid Idea Of What Albert Could, And Should, Have Done On His Trip But Albert Might Just Have A Surprise For His Friends, After All Marty Kelley Tells This Wonderful read Aloud Story In A Fresh And Imaginative Way, Contrasting Panels Of Black And White Charcoal Drawings Of Dull Old Albert With Bursting With Color Spreads Of What Albert S Friends Imagine For His Summer Adventures Just What Did Albert Do During His Trip To Maine Great story for teaching point of view A trip to Maine can always be an adventure, and it s all in the retelling to your friends Grey tones used for regular scenes in which Albert tries to tell his friends what he saw His friends jump in and make guesses based on his word choice, such as I saw a man eating and when we turn the page we see in bright colors, and large black font, the friends guess, along with their inferences about what happened This pattern repeats several times until he finally gets to the surprise ending, but his friends have given up and walked away.
ages 5 8This book captures the essence of kids imaginations Albert has just come back from a trip to Maine, and he s telling his friends about the amazing things he did and saw there When he pauses for dramatic effect, his friends jump in with wild guesses I really enjoyed it.
It has just great humor, and I love the alternating black and white and color pictures based on the context of the story Albert tries to tell his friends about his trip to Maine, and they keep jumping in with guesses of what happened The fantasy is much better than the reality, until the end.
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com 2017 08 juv goodreads giveaway My kids and I enjoyed this story very much It is very funny, creative, imaginative and the pictures are beautiful At first just looking through the pages I was not sure about the zombies and pirates in the story lol, but we enjoyed it even when we read the whole story The zombie cats were the best Getting interrupted telling a story, is something I know just too well as a mommy Great kids book fun story with creative and fun illustrations One of the few kids books both my 6 year old and I truly enjoyed He wanted to read it again immediately, and for once I didn t cringe at the suggestion

I won this book from the Goodreads Giveaways and I was not disappointed My son really liked the Pirates and Aliens in it I personally liked how everything he talked about was not amazing but the kids imaginations were.
A fun book about a young boy, Albert who upon his return from a vacation to Maine shares his adventures with his friends As Albert starts to tell of each adventure one of his friends jumps in and finishes his tale with an exciting, heroic ending The illustrations for Albert s stories are in black and white while the exciting, heroic stories from the kids imaginations are in color I like Albert s true stories best Albert recounts with full gusto a how man eating a hot dog drops mustard without staining his shirt and how Albert fell into a blueberry bush and didn t even stain his shorts, among other every day stories that make me believe Albert s mother has done too good a job of teaching him the importance of keeping clean I find this makes Albert all the endearing The end has a fun twist when Albert goes to introduce his friends to someone new he has met in Maine but by this time the friends are tired of Albert s not so exciting vacation stories and have already left the friends miss out