è Miss Rumphius Î Download by à Barbara Cooney

è Miss Rumphius Î Download by à Barbara Cooney As I try to review the books that were read to me as a child, I come across a dilemma I cannot review them all Most of the books of my childhood, even when I read them now, aren t experiences I can easily put into words Feelings of nostalgia are generally difficult for me to capture and I end up saying too much or not saying anything at all.
This book is an exception I have just enough to say and I don t think I ll ever tire of it The story is about the life of a woman called Miss Rumphius although that s probably very obvious and is narrarated by her great niece I ve always found the combination of the story and the stunning illustrations to be very relaxing All in all a lovely book about a woman who believed that you must do something to make the world beautiful.
I like this book It tells the story of Great Aunt Alice known as the Lupine lady She wanted to travel very smart and she wanted to live by the sea He father told her that was very well, but she also needed to do something to make the world a beautiful place Her father was amazing he craved wood statues to be the figureheads for ships or Indians outside cigar stores that were beautiful He was a craftsman Miss Rumphius sailed away and became a librarian After returning home from her world travels and getting sick she decided to make the world a beautiful place and ordered bushels of Lupine seeds and scattered them all over the town so Lupines surrounded the town and gave her the name Lupine Lady Now Little Alice wants to travel and live by the sea and great Aunt Alice tells her she also needs to make the world a beautiful place somehow The artwork in the book is beautiful There are faraway places and beautiful flowers I love the story It hits on important things to me, flowers and travel and libraries It was a good story for me The niece really appreciated this story You should see her in NYC She walks around like she owns the place It s amazing She comes alive in the city I think she will love to travel She also loves flowers and planting things She gave this story 5 stars The nephew does like to plant flowers, but he doesn t really slow down so it looks like he appreciates them, maybe he does He liked seeing all the places Miss Rumphius went too He thought it was cool that she planted so many flowers, but overall he didn t get excited over the story He gave this 3 stars.
I am giving this 4 stars mostly for Ms Cooney s lovely illustrations The story was pretty but not engrossing, and many children in the picture book age group may be too restless for the rather passive account I tended to like very active books as a kid, though I would definitely recommend this if you or your child happen to be fond of flowers.
Nicely illustrated story with a wonderful message I have read this book many, many times and I ve even gotten the book along with a tshirt with one of the interior illustrations screened on it as a Christmas present It s one of my favorites.
A young girl tells her grandfather that she wants to go to faraway places and when she grows up, to live beside the sea Her grandfather s reply That is all very well, little Alice, said her grandfather, but there is a third thing you must do What is that asked Alice You must do something to make the world beautiful, said her grandfather The young girl grows up and follows his advice, accomplishing all that she set out to do And she served as an inspiration for younger generations as well I absolutely loved the story and I think our girls liked it too Interesting tidbit Barbara Cooney used my hometown library see below as the model for the picture on p 8 The librarians there always insisted that my father and I were the models for the picture on p 7 we were the only patrons who ever brought our dog we had a little chihuahua, not a pug into the library It might be a bit of a stretch, but I like to tell our girls that the picture is based on our frequent visits to the library when I was a little girl This is a picture of the Lawrence Library in Pepperell, Massachusetts It is the fine brick library near the center of the town square in my hometown and was where I developed my love of reading.

If my mom had a nickel for every time she read this story to me she d be a millionaire That s how much I loved it I still think it s one of the greatest books ever written, and I wouldn t be the same person I am today without it.
I found this little gem by coincidence when a friend here reviewed it I had never heard of the Lupine Lady Hilda Hamlin nor of the book before, but went on and did a little research.
Since I like trees and flowers immensely, I think it s a wonderful way of beautifying the world Often it s the little things that count so why not flower seeds Apparently, this is a well known classic but just in case you have never heard of it like me until last Friday , here s a little summary Miss Rumphius grows up with her grandfather, an artist, near the sea probably Maine She vows to travel the world before settling near the sea herself but the grandfather makes her promise one thing to make the world beautiful, too She doesn t know how at first so she sets out to do the first two things on her list and it isn t until many years later that she has the inspiration for doing what she becomes famous for.
It s a short and unobtrusive little story of a woman first leading an adventurous life and then settling down Nevertheless, the message behind it is as beautiful as the illustrations in this little book The colours, especially when depicting nature scenes, are wonderful There are little details thrown in everywhere, though the flowers are the focal point of course.
Really heartwarming and cool.
Thanks to Goodreads friend Abigail who recommended I might continue considering giving this book a try, despite her rather lukewarm response to it and perfectly valid criticisms of it I have an additional criticism to the ones Abigail listed, but its minor, very minor, and doesn t detract from the wonderful illustrations, which for me are the heart of the book I d have been happy had this been a wordless picture book The illustrations are incredibly lovely They re all beautiful I love illustrations by and of the sea and there were plenty of those The illustrations of the cats were wonderful too My favorite pictures though are probably the library one and the one at the end in Miss Rumphius s house with her, cats, and a bunch of children Oh, and the one of her in bed and the one of her walking in her neighborhood with her cat following her Etc etc etc I can t single them out because almost all of them are special In my opinion, the illustrations are 5 star worthy work.
I liked the story and the whole circle of life aspect Alice Rumphius s grandfather is an artist and asks that she make the world a beautiful place Adventurous in her youth, when she s an older woman she finds a way to do that A caveat despite her best intentions, lupine flowers are not benign see Abigail s review She, in turn, asks her great niece the narrator of this story to do the same It s a lovely little story that addresses living for both our hearts desires and giving something back to the world.
From me it s 5 stars for the gorgeous pictures and 3 stars for the story.
Beautiful concept, beautifully rendered.
A Beloved Classic Written By A Beloved Caldecott Winner Is Lovelier Than Ever Barbara Cooney S Story Of Alice Rumphius, Who Longed To Travel The World, Live In A House By The Sea, And Do Something To Make The World Beautiful, Has A Timeless Quality That Resonates With Each New Generation The Countless Lupines That Bloom Along The Coast Of Maine Are The Legacy Of The Real Miss Rumphius, The Lupine Lady, Who Scattered Lupine Seeds Everywhere She Went Miss Rumphius Received The American Book Award In The Year Of PublicationTo Celebrate The Thirtieth Anniversary Of Two Time Caldecott Winner Barbara Cooney S Best Loved Book, The Illustrations Have Been Reoriginated, Going Back To The original Art To Ensure State Of The Art Reproduction Of Cooney S Exquisite Artwork The Art For Miss Rumphius Has A Permanent Home In The Bowdoin College Museum Of Art